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Ad Ultima Group


8500 Kortrijk

Ad Ultima Group advises businesses, delivers services and implements solutions. By harnessing the potential of technology and improving processes, we help companies to become more effective, understand their operations better, speed up innovation and work together as a team more productively.

Businesses call on Ad Ultima Group to improve their product development, production, distribution, marketing, HR, sales, project monitoring and after-sales service processes.

Ad Ultima Group specialises in working with project, production and logistics companies. Thanks to our expertise in those sectors, we have developed best practices in fields including ERP, CRM, PLM, BI and DMS – with software partners such as Microsoft and PTC, complemented by our software solutions.

Sector expertise

Ad Ultima Group has long focused on the manufacturing industry and complex logistics in Belgium, France and the Netherlands.

We are convinced that to succeed commercially, an organisation must continue to develop in various ways, which all starts with strategy. Ad Ultima Group is the right partner to work with customers to find out what digital transformation can do for them and how they can derive clear added value. Customers can then improve their value proposition for tomorrow and evolve to offer more unique selling propositions.

Our solutions are not like any others. They stand out because:

* They focus clearly on business processes
* They generate added value due to our extensive market expertise
* They are suitable as turnkey solutions for the sectors above (Ready-2-Benefit).