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Tormans Engineering BVBA

Tormans Engineering BVBA


9940 Evergem


Tormans, our people, your success!

Als technisch bureau, gespecialiseerd in projectsourcing en erkend in werving en selectie, bieden wij u een volledige ondersteuning voor uw technische dienst.
Wij richten ons op technische en engineering profielen, waaronder ingenieurs, technici en projectmanagers voor verschillende disciplines en sectoren. Binnen deze nichemarkt behoren wij tot de koplopers van ons land. Meer dan 150 toonaangevende bedrijven vertrouwen op ons voor het vinden van gespecialiseerde technische profielen.

Tormans zoekt en vindt voor uw bedrijf de juiste technische profielen op de hedendaagse krappe arbeidsmarkt. Binnen een ruime waaier aan disciplines en sectoren beschikken we over een databank van 20.000 potentiële kandidaten. Wanneer u zeer specifieke kennis en ervaring verwacht, gaan we uiterst gericht op zoek. Onze flexibele aanpak laat ons toe bijzonder snel te werken. Voor u het goed en wel beseft, begint uw geselecteerde medewerker aan zijn eerste werkdag.

Job ads

  • Project Engineer

    • Engineering, commissioning and project management of customer service projects
    • Stand-by service when required
    • Preventative and corrective maintenance of our systems when required
    • Expected to find, cure and analyze faults and propose solutions to avoid technical disturbances in the future
    • Deal promptly with customer enquiries, complaints or problems
    • Prepare event and statistical reports

    • Higher education in electrical / mechanical / automation engineering
    • Good level of health and fitness and to be able to work safely at height
    • 2 – 5 years technical skills in electrical, instrumental
    • Broad knowledge in mechanics, hydraulics, electrics/electronics and automation systems (PLC & IT)
    • Knowledge of software controlled logistic systems and understanding of daily operational problems in a distribution centre
    • Experience in PLC systems S7 & PC (server client, RF) systems
    • Ability to demonstrate proficiency with normal range of hand and power tools


  • work / planning coördinator

    -Executes the work preparation to secure cost efficient and safe execution for planned maintenance activities
    -Analyses the work order and breaks it down into clearly defined sub-tasks defining which materials, tools, services and authority licenses are needed.
    -Selects the materials/spare parts needed.
    -Prepares the overview of services / rental needed during execution
    -Based on the criticality assessment the planner defines the QA/QC requirements and documents assigned
    -Calculates the total planned cost
    -Initiates the Work Permit & the risk assessment
    -prepares the task risk analysis
    -The planner updates continuously the standard task lists to ensure that accurate plans exist for recurring jobs and efficiencies from the execution are captured
    -The planner updates the data in SAP and makes sure that the feedback from technicians or data available from recalculation are properly used


  • Maintenance Manager

    You will oversee all daily maintenance activities including delegation of tasks, tracking mechanical performance, and directing the processes of any necessary repairs. You will manage a team of 7 engineers and you are responsible to ensure that your team has the best resources available to complete their duties according to budget.
    The goal is to ensure the company facilities are well-cared for and adequate to support the company’s business operations.

    • Bachelor’s degree in electromechanical engineering or equivalent by relevant experience.
    • 5+ years relevant experience in maintenance
    • Extensive knowledge in a variety of mechanical & electrical systems
    • Previous managerial experience highly preferred
    • Experience in managing contractors
    • Experience in project management
    • Makes safety a priority at all times
    • Strong computer skills (Microsoft Office)


  • Electrical designer

    - Je bent verantwoordelijk voor het ontwerp en de detailafwerking van elektrische schema's van diverse nieuwe en renovatieprojecten. Hiervoor maak je gebruik van ePlan.
    - je komt terecht in ons Tormans team bij de klant.

    - Kennis van Eplan en/of Autocad
    - Ervaring in de industriële omgeving
    - Leergierig