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Challenges in innovation? One address: Sirris

Sirris: providing access to innovation for the technology industry
• 150 experts – engineers, scientists and technicians – are at your service. We're ready to take on your challenge, giving shape to your technological innovations, testing them and implementing them in your production process.
• To do this, we can fall back on state-of-the-art infrastructure, such as well-equipped application labs, forward-looking technology and a plethora of high-tech machinery.
• Spread over 8 sites across Belgium, our specialised R&D teams are seeking out solutions to your specific questions.
Our expertise domains:
ICT => how can software make your business profitable?
Advanced Manufacturing => how can your means of production be converted into the factory of the future?
Mechatronics => how can your machinery become more efficient, quieter and more flexible?
Materials => how can new materials improve opportunities for your products or production processes?
Sustainability => how can you produce in a more sustainable manner?
Innovation, a viable option: Sirris members share the costs of investment in infrastructure, innovation and risk. They have access to an extensive network of potential partners. This makes innovation a viable option for all affiliated companies.
What's more, Sirris shares its accrued know-how and expertise with others to enhance opportunities for all businesses. We not only address specific issues, but we also set up joint R&D projects or take part in European projects collectively. In addition, we disseminate news and information via numerous blogs and events.

In this way Sirris aims to build on your competitive edge in a sustainable fashion.

Product news

  • We make the product of tomorrow together

    Sirris is putting forward its new disciplinary approach to product development services, fully geared to the current needs of companies today: various departments, expertises and six labs now work together under the name 'Product Development Hub'. In this Hub you can find everything you need regarding light, micro and smart, wherein the focus is always on the product and its functions. We can assist you with recommendations and different technologies through each product stage, from conception to the first stages of industrialization. The complementarity of the Hub is what makes the offer unique.