Finish the first day of the show at Åbytravet with good food and drinks!

Finish the first day of the show at Åbytravet (next to Åbymässan), with V86 trotting, good food and drinks!

- You get an extra beer if you say Advanced Engineering and Elektronikmässan when you book!

We would love to see you together with us and everyone else in the industry, Wednesday the 27th of march, right after the show, when Åbytravet arranging a trotting night. The show is closing at 17.00, and you have to be at Åbytravet 17.30 or earlier.

Your deal: 349 SEK (tax excluded). 

We have a great deal for you, this is whats included: 

- Pre drink and mingle
- Pre course
- A football debate (in Swedish)
- Main course
- Trolling V86

Book your package here: , write number of participants, company, email, phone number and Advanced Engineering and Elektronik, and you will get a free beer. Payment will be done at place.