Why exhibit?

Your opportunity to do business

We as exhibition organizer has high ambitions for your participation. In an increasingly digital host increases the need for physical meetings. As a customer wants to be able to feel, see and experience products in context and be able to directly talk, develop, and contact with the supplier.

Exhibiting at a trade show is to collect business-building activities, advertising, events and sales period under the same roof. Easyfairs has also improved the efficiency of the two sales-focused day that saves exhibitors time and money. As an exhibitor, you also get access to smart tools to streamline your participation; interactive exhibition catalog, exhibition training, digital documentation for invitations to visitors and much more.


Meet qualified people in the industry 

At Elektronik you will meet qualified visitors that wants to do business with you. Meet Electrical EngineersElectrical Consultants, Owners and DirectorsBuyers and more. 


Experience a time and cost efficient show

We gather the industry during two intense days, which means that you meet more potential customers during these two days than you would during months of normal sales.


Only Business-to-business

The industry in the Gothenburg region is constantly expanding! Elektronik offer you as an exhibitor the possibility to do business with important decision makers from fast growing businesses.


Our visitors come from the following industries:

Electronic components, Electronics, Test and measurement equipment, Embedded Technology, Design and Development, Wireless , Optronics, Displays, Equipment and materials for production, Mechatronics, Contract manufacturing, Workplace Equipment, Subcontractors, Research and Development and more!


And have the following titles:

Engineers, Electronic engineer, Managers, Buyers, Technical Expert, Development Engineer, 

Research, Product Managers, CEO, System Engineer, Consultants, and many more!

The show in numbers


86% of the exhibitors think that the results of the show were very good or good in relation to their expectations


75%of the exhibitors said they will sell products as a direct result of exhibiting at the show


81% of the visitors decide or influence purchases


92% of the visitors want to visit the show again

There are visitors from all over Sweden and also outside the country. It is exhibitors from different industries. The two parts give the show a good and pleasant atmosphere with mixed environment. Wherever I look, I see customers, customers' customers, potential customers.

Multi-Teknik mönsterkort AB. Lukas Johansson

Exhibitor at the show

This is a trade show with different technical angles. We are mechanics but benefit very much from what is offered here. Sweden in general is at the forefront of the industry and this show really follows.

Peter Björkman. Joel Alander. Huskvarna AB

Visitor at the show