Advanced Engineering 2019
Göteborg, Sweden
27 - 28/03/2019

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SIO Grafen

SIO Grafen


41288 Göteborg

SIO Grafen is a Swedish national Strategic Innovation Programme with the ambition to strengthen collaboration between industry and research providers in graphene application areas, by identify-ing and bringing together key players in value chains towards applications. SIO Grafen is supported by Vinnova, the Swedish Energy Agency and the Swedish Research Council Formas.

The purpose is to build a national mobilisation and community around graphene, identify and bring together important players from industry and academia towards applications. The programme proposes priority areas within research and innovation and announces demonstration projects within these.

The program organizes open calls where companies and research partners in collaboration can ap-ply for funding for joint research and development projects.

The goals are to increase the technical maturity of graphene and establish graphene as a new ma-terial class in order to solve future challenges and strengthen knowledge transfer between different industries as well as between companies, universities and institutes. The programme office organ-izes workshops, business coaching for small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) and entrepre-neurial support.

The programme will establish Sweden as one of the leading innovation countries within graphene, develop and establish new value chains, and make it possible for Swedish graphene-based prod-ucts to reach the market by 2017. The vision is that Sweden will be among the world's top 10 coun-tries to utilize graphene to ensure industrial leadership by 2030.

In parallel with SIO Grafen, the project Advocacy Platform for Graphene Technologies, is available to influence future EU calls for Swedish companies wishing to participate in European research and innovation projects.

In the EU's major venture Graphene Flagship, which is run from Chalmers, the EU allocates one bil-lion euros over ten years in order to move graphene from research to practical use.


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  • Membership in SIO Grafen

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  • Seminar 27 March: Graphene in the future electronics products - in Sweden and in Europe

    Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden is leading the European research and innovation project Graphene Flagship, but how should we be able to take advantage of the business opportunities that this huge project results in?

    Johan Hammersberg, SIO Grafen and Graphene Flagship, will talk about how the flagship business developers works at an European level and at a regional level.

    As an example of successful innovation projects, Amer Ali from Graphensic will talk about some of the projects they have participated in, financing through SIO Grafen.

    Welcome to our seminar 27 March at 16.15 – 17.00 (scene 1).
    The seminar will be held in Swedish.

  • Seminar 28 March: A Swedish roadmap for graphene electronics

    In which electronics areas can the graphene raise Swedish competitiveness? How do we get there? What obstacles do we have to deal with together?

    Caroline Dahl, RISE, describes SIO Grafen's Electronics roadmap and the result of the work that has been going on in 2018 by developing a roadmap for Swedish development of the graph in the electronics area.

    Welcome to this seminar 28 March at 14.15-15.00 (scene 2).
    The seminar will be held in Swedish.

  • Seminar 28 March: How can graphene, the material of the possibilities, create business opportunities in Sweden?

    Graphene is a new material that has been written a lot about. - But how is that going? Is the material available in some products and how is the development for graphene in Sweden?

    Helena Theander, programme manager for the innovation programme SIO Grafen, talks about some of the nearly 80 innovation projects started in Sweden. As an example of successful innovation projects, Sven Forsberg from 2D fab will talk about some of the projects they have carried, financed through SIO Grafen.

    Welcome the this seminar 28 March at 11.45 – 12.30 (scene 1).
    The seminar will be held in Swedish.

  • 24 April: General Assembly & Strategy Workshop

    This event is a meeting place for Swedish actors who want to discuss opportunities with graphene in relevant areas and influence SIO Grafen's development. The General Assembly is open to everyone. Only members have the right to vote.

  • 27-28 March: Graphene Connect Composites & Study Visit at GEIC (March (Manchester)

    The workshop is aimed at players who want to discuss opportunities with graphene in the field of composites and meet future collaboration partners to create new innovation projects.

    The event is held at the Graphene Engineering Innovation Center (GEIC) in Manchester, UK, March 27-28 from lunch to lunch. A study visit to GEIC is included in the afternoon of March 27.

    Graphene Connect aims to promote innovation projects in collaboration within and outside the graphene flagship consortium. The interaction between research and industry is needed to find the right "hot areas" for innovations and direct research efforts towards the most commercially promising applications.

    Graphene Connect aims to foster collaborative innovation projects within and outside of the Graphene Flagship consortium. The interplay between research and industry is needed in order to find the right hot spots for innovations and direct research efforts towards the most commercially promising applications.

  • Svenskt Grafenforum 15-16 October

    Svenskt Grafenforum is SIO Grafen's resultats workshop. Innovation projects performed within the innovation programme are presented here.

    See the preliminary program and read more:

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