Performance Metals Engineering


The UK's largest annual exhibition and conference for advanced manufacturers & supply chain professionals

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Performance Metals Engineering at Advanced Engineering

Reflecting the demand for lightweight and high-performance metals across many industries, the UK metals sector boasts more than 11,000 companies, employing 230,000 people directly and is responsible for a further 750,000 jobs outside of these positions. Performance Metals Engineering provides the perfect opportunity to identify the latest business opportunities, and developments in design, processing & production, and to meet key figures at the heart of the industry.

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Performance Metals

Who should visit?

  • Aerospace

  • Automotive

  • Bus, truck & industrial vehicles

  • Construction/Architectural

  • Defence

  • Electronics/Microelectronics

  • Industrial machinery/parts

  • Marine

  • Bio-medical

  • Industrial machinery

  • Nuclear power generation

  • IGT (industrial gas turbines)

  • Offshore & subsea

  • Oil, gas & energy

  • Petrochemical

  • Process industries

  • Sports & leisure equipment

  • Space & satellite

  • Transportation & rail

  • Industrial tooling

What will you experience?

  • Casting processes

  • Extrusion processes

  • Drawing processes

  • Stamping processes

  • Forging processes

  • Powder metallurgy

  • Friction drilling

  • Sheet & tube forming processes

  • Additive/ Subtractive manufacturing

  • Electrochemical processes

  • Power beam processes (laser/electron beam)

  • Hydroforming

  • Incremental sheet forming

  • Superplastic forming

  • Joining processes

  • Metals heat treatment

  • Metals surface engineering

  • Metals testing and characterisation

Laser Manufacturing Hub


At Advanced Engineering 2019, AILU (the Association of Industrial Laser Users) is hosting the Laser Manufacturing Hub where you will find the latest in products, applications, automation and research into laser material processing applications and suppliers of subcontract services involving lasers.  Come along to find out how AILU members can help improve your productivity and whether membership of AILU is right for you.

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+44 (1235) 539595

Exhibitors include: