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Enabling Innovation

Discover some of the UK's most exciting innovations before they are commercialised at this year's Enabling Innovation at Advanced Engineering. 

We've worked with judges from Innovate UK/KTN, the Institute for Manufacturing, and Innovation DB, to hone down ten truly innovative technologies, from a huge pool of submissions from industry and research.

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See all the Enabling Innovation participants pitch their innovations at 10am on the 31 October in the Medical Device forum.

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2019 Enabling Innovation participants include:

FeTu Limited


Overcoming heat management and compression challenges

Innovation on display: Positive Displacement Turbine

Need to overcome heat management or compression challenges? With the most compact and lightweight solution conceived? FeTu present their novel ‘fluid energy motor’; a simple, highly effective four chamber device which seamlessly and intrinsically links volumetric and rotational elements.  A positive displacement turbine with absolute evacuation; test data to evidence step change oil-free compression and vacuum operations.  With dual mode ‘compander’ ability for Refrigeration, Heat Regeneration, Expander, Compressor, Vacuum and range extension.

Website: www.fetu.co.uk



ES Precision Ltd

ES Precision

Contributing to a better, more comfortable experience for amputees 

Innovation on display: Silcare Breathe liner

ES Precision uses lasers to mark, drill and fine cut most materials and this manufacturer of prosthetic limbs came to ES seeking to perforate its liners to keep them dry and comfortable, especially when exercising. The problem was that silicone rubber liners provide grip and cushioning where artificial limbs are attached, but tend to be prone to sweat build-up and consequent chafing. To meet the needs of active users, the Silcare Breathe liner was developed with ES Precision; an array of optimally sized perforations allow the moisture to escape, whilst also improving the vacuum grip by eliminating trapped air. High speed processing using flexible beam delivery and a powerful CO2 laser has allowed ES Precision to subsequently meet the production needs of the manufacturer, drilling many thousands of liners. Users have reported a transformation in their quality of life as a result of a drier, better fit, especially during endurance activities.ES Precision won the Engineering Award in the Med Tech Innovation Expo in May 2019, was a 2019 finalist in the Subcon Launchpad and is shortlisted for the Healthcare and Medical section in The Engineer’s Collaborate to Innovate, which announces winners in November.

ES is welcomes enquiries to investigate laser manufacturing methods for marking, engraving, drilling and other surface processes on most metals, plastics and organic materials.

Website: www.esprecision.co.uk

Holoxica Limited


3D imaging – no headsets, and full colour motion video images

Innovation on display: Looking Glass 3D Light Field Display

We are presenting disruptive 3D video displays for professional visualisation including engineering design, medical education and data presentation. Holographic technology does not need glasses or goggles where images appear in mid-air just like “Star Wars”. The images are full colour motion video where several people can view the 3D object simultaneously. We offer a complete solution including the 3D Light Field Video Display, Graphics Processor and Holoviewer Software to allow any kind of 3D data to be shown on the device.

Website: www.holoxica.com

Intra Drive Limited

Intra Drive Limited

New drivetrain technology for the fast-growing ebike sector

Innovation on display: Next Generation 8 speed ebike drive unit

Intra Drive Ltd is an Edinburgh based start-up which over the last 3 years has developed innovative drivetrain technology for the pedal assist electric bicycle market.  The product was designed exclusively by founding director Mark Ravilious; is an inventive mechanical design engineer, keen cyclist and environmentalist with 10 years’ experience working in renewable energy and high volume electronics industries.

Intra Drives compact and highly integrated 8 speed drive unit combines proprietary multi-speed gearbox technology, a lightweight brushless motor, and a novel electronic gear shifting system.

The global e-bike market was valued at USD 14,755.20 million in 2018 according to MAIA Research. The European region accounted for 20% of the global market, and is expected to witness the fastest growth rate or 6.23% during the forecast period, 2019-2024. According to Bosch, over one million e-bikes were sold last year in Germany alone.

Website: www.intra-drive.com





A world-first in sound imaging technology

Innovation on display: Sound Imaging – The world’s first fully portable, easy to use SOUNDCAM

The soundcam is the world's first fully portable, splash-proof, battery-powered acoustic camera. Like thermal imaging but for sound, the SOUNDCAM locates sound sources in real-time, superimposed on a 100fps video picture. It was launched in early 2019, and has wide applications not only for acousticians but for health and safety, environmental health, designers of any small or large devices or machinery including automotive and aerospace, even designers of musical instruments and bird watchers. This is mind-blowing, game-changing high-tech that anyone can use.

Website: www.soundcam.uk

Optima3D Technology Ltd


A groundbreaking development in 3D weaving of composites

Innovation on display: 3D Weaving Machine Technology

Optima 3D has designed and developed this range of “next generation” weaving machines, for the rapidly developing 3D composite engineering market.

Optima’s new Series 500 range offers many advanced features over conventional offerings particularly in versatility, operation and control. This has been achieved by the comprehensive use of digital control systems allowing rapid parameter and sequence changes coupled with an innovative shuttle system*.
Optima 3D machines feature innovative technology, and offer exceptional versatility, capable of producing high quality woven net shapes, billets & para beams for composite applications. Interest has been received from a number of engineering sectors including aerospace, military, bio-medical and automotive.

Powered & controlled by cutting edge digital technology, each machine allows automatic control plus touch screen management of all machine settings also enabling pattern and machine data to be stored and printed, vital for industry accreditation regarding quality assurance and safety regulations.
The Optima approach allows users a greater flexibility in their component design than ever before, making the Series 500 suitable for both production and R&D purposes. The compact Optima design allows a complete 3D weaving system to be easily installed; equally, it’s extremely competitive price now makes a complete R&D 3D weaving system significantly more attainable.

Commenting on the launch of the Series 500, Optima 3D’s Chairman, Peter Bryant said:
“Our vision for designing and creating the new Series 500 was to look with a fresh pair of eyes at 3D weaving machine technology; to produce a machine that delivers real benefits to our customers, a machine that is simply better by design. This has resulted in the Series 500, 3D weaving machine which can cost effectively deliver both high quality and consistency. We are passionate about using cutting edge technology to enhance our machine and produce the best results for customers.”

Website: www.optima3d.co.uk

Texture Jet Ltd.


An innovative new surface processing technology

Innovation on display: Surface Texture Adjustment Technology – STAT

STAT is an innovative surface processing technology developed by Texture Jet Ltd.
Selectively changing surface texture on a component, for example to create an optimal surface for adhesive bonding, to aid integration of metal parts into composite structures, form textures on plastic component moulds or etch a surface to reveal the grain structure, are essential activities but often carried out by antiquated, dirty, dangerous or limiting technologies.

The STAT tooling platform enables customers to rapidly and controllably produce a wide variety of surface textures and finishes. From high roughness nondeterministic surfaces to structured repeating textures to selective etching or polishing in a much more efficient manner, adding value to components and streamlining production lines. STAT can redefine the surface texture of a component simply, cleanly, without requiring masking or generating surface damage and can be carried out on site and in-situ.

STAT can be delivered as a hand tool, as an end-effector on a robot arm or simply as a stand-alone machine tool. It is an attractive alternative to current technologies where reductions in factory footprint, non-value-add operations, operational costs and toxic footprint are sought. STAT transforms surface preparation capability beyond the current state-of-the-art, which is difficult, cost intensive or impossible by other means.

Website: www.texturejet.com



A novel carbon fibre process, already with keen interest from Aero and Auto sectors

Innovation on display: Composites Tape Laying Machine with Advanced Fibre Steering Capabilities

iCOMAT is a University of Bristol spin-off, that has developed a patented process for making advanced carbon fibre composites which are lighter, stronger and more cost-effective than the state-of-the-art processes for the aerospace, automotive and marine sectors. This process allows for the automated placement of carbon fibre tapes on curved paths (also known as fibre steering), without creating the defects associated with current methods. Fibre steering expands drastically the design space for composite material components and can improve all aspects of structural performance (e.g. buckling, vibration response). This, in turn, allows designers to optimise components and minimise material usage with weight and cost benefits and can revolutionise the use of carbon fibre and composites.

Website: www.icomat.co.uk

Fluid Maintenance Solutions


Cost-saving technology for metalworking fluid maintenance management

Innovation on display: BEIcLEAN© (Back End Integration, clean and Lean) service

BEIcLEAN an innovative approach to metalworking fluid maintenance management
Fluid Maintenance Solutions Ltd (FMS) provide modern solutions, technologies and services to reduce the traditional health, environmental and productivity risks associated with using metalworking fluids in advanced manufacturing environments.

We focus on the back of the machine tools to improve the performance of fluid related systems. This produces a leaner and cleaner environment and reduces the potential health risks for operators.
Showcasing at the Advanced Engineering Exhibition 2019 is the BEIcLEAN© (Back End Integration, clean and Lean) service, an innovative approach to manage metalworking fluids and associated systems more efficiently and effectively with minimal capital outlay and human intervention.

The BEIcLEAN© service can be quickly implemented and typically delivers a sustainable 20% reduction in associated costs with payback estimated within 6 months. Consumable spend is reduced, waste disposal is reduced, maintenance interventions are reduced and, being truly independent, there is no dependency on buying metalworking fluids and lubricants.

Through the implementation of IoT technologies and connected digital platforms BEIcLEAN© delivers information and employee engagement within the metalworking fluid operational environment far beyond traditional fluid concentration and pH checks. With BEIcLEAN© our mission is to provide SME manufacturers with robust and reliable solutions, technologies and services to minimise the risks and costs associated with the use of metalworking fluids.

Website: www.fluidmaintenancesolutions.com



University of Nottingham

University Nottingham

A new touchscreen machine vision and AI platform

Innovation on display: Handheld touchscreen device incorporation machine vision and AI platform

Intended to have a range of capabilities using interchangeable sensor heads. Cloud data capture and full factory 4.0 functionality is built in. Two example applications have been developed and available for demonstration which include:
Tool wear monitoring by analysis of cutting face image capture, vibration sensors using a cloud based AI learning model.

Gap measurement based on machine vision edge detection algorithms.
A spin-out company or licence technology is intended to be made available at the completion of this development phase before the end of 2019. Participation in free trials will be offered along with registration of future interest and first contact when the technology is commercially available.

Website: www.nottingham.ac.uk/ifam/research