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Fluid Maintenance Solutions

Fluid Maintenance Solutions


S605WG Rotherham
United Kingdom

FMS provide modern solutions, technologies and services to reduce the traditional health, environmental, productivity and quality risk associated with using metalworking fluids in advanced manufacturing environments.

We focus on the back of the machine tools to improve the performance of fluid related systems. This produces a leaner and cleaner environment and reduces the potential health risks for operators and maintenance staff.

Showcasing at the Advanced Engineering Exhibition is the BEIcLEAN (Back End Integration, clean and LEAN) service, a sustainable and innovative approach to managing metalworking fluids and associated systems more efficiently and effectively with minimal capital outlay and human intervention.

With BEIcLEAN we can quickly delivery a 20% reduction in associated costs with payback estimated within 6 months. Consumable spend is reduced, waste disposal is reduced, maintenance interventions are reduced and the risk of component quality defects are reduced.

Being truly independent, with the BEIcLEAN service, there is no dependency on buying particular brands of metalworking fluids or lubricants leaving you free to check the market for the best value supply only.

Through the implementation of IoT technologies and connected digital reporting platforms BEIcLEAN enables the automation of manual activities and delivers information and employee engagement within the metalworking fluid operational environment far beyond the traditional fluid concentration and pH checks.

With BEIcLEAN our mission is to provide SME and Blue Chip manufacturers with robust, reliable and sustainable solutions, technologies and services to minimise the risks and costs associated with the use of metalworking fluids.