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Acoustic Camera UK Ltd

Acoustic Camera UK Ltd


CV58BA Coventry
United Kingdom

We make sound sources VISIBLE!

If you're optimising the sound of your product, you can see instantly where annoying frequencies are coming from. If you want to avoid production downtime, you can see exactly which bearings or components are worn, and plan your preventative maintenance. Save energy costs by finding compressed air leaks instantly. Instantly see sources of squeaks and rattles, wind noise, road noise, workplace noise...

The SOUNDCAM is the world's first fully portable, splash-proof, battery-powered acoustic-imaging camera. Like thermal imaging but for sound, the SOUNDCAM locates sound sources in real-time superimposed on a video picture.

Previously this revolutionary technology came in the form of complex and fragile hardware and software for experts. Coming on the market in early 2019, the SoundCam is the only acoustic camera that is truly portable and robust, and which anyone can learn to use in 5 minutes.

With 64 microphones measuring at 48kHz, and 100 frames/sec of acoustic pictures, it has pinpoint accuracy and speed that very few can match, for a fraction of the price of other systems.

Priced at €8k, it is rapidly becoming part of the standard toolkit for anyone working with acoustic issues.
This is mind-blowing, game-changing high-tech that anyone can use!

For the acoustic experts, we also have the modular BIONIC series of acoustic cameras, with advanced specifications and prices that nobody can come close to.

We also offer rental, and consulting services. With this incredible technology, we can solve your noise problems faster than anyone else!

As UK distributor for CAE Software and Systems GmbH, the market leader worldwide, we supply quality made in Germany.