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Bluefrog is an award-winning industrial design and innovation consultancy. Our design engineers support businesses with product development through innovative design, advanced engineering and technological research.

We have been working with clients across the UK and Europe for over 25 years to develop commercially ready products. Our ethos is to engineer cost-effective design that meets the demands of the client and end-user, and returns a significant return on investment.

Our diverse client base includes inspired start-ups, SME’s, multinationals and academia across a broad range of industries. Our portfolio includes Medical Devices, Wearable Sensors, Drug Delivery Systems, Virtual and Augmented Reality Hardware, Physiotherapy Equipment, Air Quality Monitors, and R&D in the Freeze Drying of Biopharmaceuticals for the Medical and Healthcare sector.

Bluefrog Design is your go-to consultancy, applying our knowledge, expertise and deep design thinking to your project. Together we can bring your product successfully to the worldwide market.


Product news

  • We are proud to announce that Bluefrog Design has been awarded 'Design Team of the Year' at the British Engineering Excellence Awards 2019

    What The Judges Said

    "Bluefrog Design demonstrated the importance of teamwork not just within the core design team but across the supply chain in an application that shows an awareness of how to make sure environmental monitoring is itself sustainable"

    Working alongside air quality expert EarthSense's engineers. Bluefrog Design developed The Zephyr, a compact and robust air quality sensor. Packaging innovative electrochemical sensors and optical particle counters within a highly cost-effective product that is engineered to perform accurately across global climates and designed to measure pollution, temperature and humidity in the urban environment.