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Dash-CAE Ltd & Rodwell Autoclaves

Dash-CAE Ltd & Rodwell Autoclaves


OX20DP Oxford
United Kingdom

Advanced Vehicle Engineering
Additive Manufacturing
Low-cost autoclave technology



Product news

  • Dash-CAE to reveal a 3D printed commuter car

    Oxford based Engineering company Dash-CAE is to showcase a 3D printed commuter car at the 2019 Advanced Engineering Show. The concept will highlight how Dash-CAE's lean approach combined with 3D printing technology can help the transportation industry tackle key challenges quickly and effectively.

    “This concept will highlight how we can slash development times and costs, while building a fully functional car,” explains Tim Robathan, managing director of Dash-CAE. “Typical statistics are a reduction by up to 85% against a month lead time for key components. And that includes not only the tool but also the final parts. And all at a fraction of the weight and cost.”

    Dash-CAE has been a partner to the transportation industry since 2006, providing a lean pit-stop like approach to design and engineering.

    “Our primary interest was to develop easier products and processes for moulding carbon fibre parts, then we pioneered tooling for composite parts – both for direct and lost tooling,” says Robathan. “Now we can show the engineering community how to take additive manufacturing a step further.”

    Dash-CAE has three Stratasys 'Fused Deposition Modelling' (FDM) printers covering build sizes from 0.305m3 to 1m3. FDM Technology works with production-grade thermoplastics to build strong, durable and dimensionally stable parts with high accuracy and repeatability. The technology is clean, simple-to-use, supported by production-grade thermoplastics are mechanically and environmentally stable.

    “We basically design products and with 3D printing, we can quickly run through multiple complex iterations and save a lot of time,” continues Robathan. “We believe the concept proves that reducing weight and time needn't add cost.”

    About Dash-CAE
    Dash-CAE (stand J32) was founded in 2006 by F1 Principal Engineer Tim Robathan. From prototype components to full vehicle build, Dash-CAE caters for the automotive, motorsport, aerospace and marine industries.