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Metron Additive Equipment Ltd.

Metron Additive Equipment Ltd.


DE74RJ Derbyshire
United Kingdom

ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING (also known as 3D Printing) using ARCAM EBM technology, primarily in titanium and related alloys is the main business of METRON Advanced Equipment Ltd.

ADDITIVE ENGINEERING is the full service that we offer by covering DESIGN, stress ANALYSIS, Design for Additive Manufacturing as well as the COMPONENT MANUFACTURING.

COMPLEX GEOMETRIES that are impossible or very costly to produce using traditional manufacturing methods are NOW POSSIBLE WITH ADDITIVE. Couple that with the EXCELLENT PROPERTIES of TITANIUM (Low weight, high strength and corrosion resistance) and you can create a definite advantage over the competition.

Visit us on STAND P51 or have a look at WWW.ADDITIVE-ENGINEERING.CO.UK