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Synergy Codes Software House

Synergy Codes Software House


50-032 Wroclaw

Synergy Codes is a software house created from passion for coding and delivering excellent quality applications in data visualization & process modeling. We enhance business in data driven decisions, drove insights through real-time flows and help in building custom solutions for most advanced visual needs.

Here are the examples of the issues we can help you with:
- Too much data. We will help you organize a large amount of data. Thanks to complex flow charts you will see the particular elements of your data and the dependencies between them.
- Lack of the right tools for designing your product. We know how to develop product builders that will simplify your work. It will be also customized to your business needs.
- Needless costs and time-wasting. We will visualize your process so that you could clearly see which elements of it are the most unprofitable for your business.
Do you have another business matter you need support in? Contact us and we will work together on the best modeling, mapping or data visualization app to help your business.
Synergy Codes is a premium consultant of GoJS - JavaScript library for interactive data visualizations. We use our niche expertise to tailor this library to your needs and create solutions like electronic circuits, process flows, mind maps, organizational charts, and floor planning.

Let's talk about your project: office@synergycodes.com