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04421 Hodkovce

Research and development company RVmagnetics has developed the smallest passive sensor in the world thinner than a human hair (20 m) - Microwire.
Microwire sensor measures pressure, temperature, magnetic field and other derived physical quantities such as torsion, stress, bending, flow, humidity, etc. Magnetic principle is used for sensing, which provides contactless measurements. There is no contact between the Microwire sensor and a sensing system. The distance range is up to 10 cm.

Integrating Microwire sensor inside materials or solutions does not add either additional weight, nor change mechanical properties. To create a unique and tailored solution for a client, close collaboration and customisation is required.

The Microwire sensor can be used in various fields where high sensitivity and accuracy are required, ranging from healthcare, IoT, utilities, automotive, aerospace, structural health monitoring, and anti-counterfeit area.