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B-8800 Roeselare

FLAXCO® is using advanced technology for weaving and impregnating woven flax fibre fabrics with thermoplastic resins. Our bio-based materials offer solutions for thermoset and thermoplastic composite applications.
Product range: FLAXCO® prepregs are made of woven flax fibre fabric impregnated with thermoplastic resins.
FLAXCO® fabrics are manufactured from 100% flax fibre, in different weave styles with a surface weight ranging from 200gr/m² up to 1.000 gr/m².
The mechanical properties of these lightweight bio-based materials are high stiffness, strength, vibration and noise absorption.
For R&D and design within the world of composites, our material opens up an infinite range of sustainable solutions in all sorts of fields: automotive, IT & electronics, packaging, interior, sports and consumer goods.