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XYZ Machine Tools Limited

XYZ Machine Tools Limited


EX167LL Tiverton
United Kingdom

XYZ Machine Tools is one of the UK’s largest supplier of machine tools, with a product range spanning manual training machines, through its market-leading ProtoTRAK-controlled mills and lathes, CNC vertical machining and turning centres, to the highly sophisticated, yet extremely price competitive, UMC-5X five-axis machining centre. Its success is due to its all-round service to customers, from the design of its machines, through technical support, service and training for customers, to with finance to suit every business. As part of its commitment, XYZ offers free training with every machine sold and the support of its experienced applications team, along with ongoing access to its programming support line.

This ensures a high proportion of repeat business as well as drawing in many new customers. XYZ Machine Tools has installed well in excess of 20,000 machines across the UK to customers as diverse as one-man businesses, the education sector, and major blue-chip OEMs. Ensuring customers get the machine they need, when they need it, XYZ holds over 300 machines in stock at its headquarters, with five showrooms around the country providing easy access for demonstrations and training. Service is also assured with a dedicated 18,000 ft2 of warehouse storage containing over £1.5 million of spare parts for rapid response to any issues.

XYZ Machine Tools’ success was founded on the innovative ProtoTRAK control system for mills and lathes. Designed from the ground up to be ‘easy to use’ it enables users to program machines after just a few hours of training. The latest generation of ProtoTRAK, the RX, has retained all the features that made the control system popular with 1000s of customers but with a host of new features and benefits. Central to the new ProtoTRAK control is its 15.6” touchscreen that puts all of ProtoTRAK’s advantages at the users’ fingertips.

In addition, XYZ Machine Tools also has a range of CNC machining centres and turning centres. The VMC range consists of the Linear Rail (LR) series, offering a perfect entry into the vertical machining centre sector, and the box slideway Heavy-Duty (HD) series, providing a perfect performance/price ratio. The range extends from the compact and portable 2-OP VMC to the XYZ 3010 VMC, weighing in at 25,000 kg, with one metre travel in the Y axis. The UMC 4+1 and UMC-5X multi-axis machining centres, the latter providing full, simultaneous, five-axis motion, complete the line-up, with both machines having the same machining envelope of 600 by 600 by 500 mm (XYZ) and a 600 mm trunnion-style rotary table with 90 revs/min rotational speed and 600 kg load capacity. These machines provide a highly cost-effective route into multi-facet machining.

The turning centre range starts with the XYZ CT 65 with a 23 hp spindle and 65 mm bar capacity, a Y axis version the XYZ CT 65 LTY is also available and extends to the XL and Oil Country lathes, with up to 85 hp spindles and up to 2.2 metre swing over the bed, with between centre distances up to 16 metres.

XYZ Machine Tools’ innovative ROBO-TEND modular and mobile robot automation system for vertical machining and turning centres brings true robot automation within the reach of traditional sub-contract engineering businesses. The system is fully compatible with the Siemens ShopMill and ShopTurn controls used on XYZ’s VMC’s and turning centres. The modular design of ROBO-TEND means it can be adapted quickly and easily to suit changing working situations, creating a solution to that will open up automation to a much wider audience at a very competitive price.


Product news

  • Machining a skull on a XYZ 1060 HS VMC

    Watch as a skull is machined from a solid aluminium block using the XYZ 1060 HS CNC machine fitted with a 5th axis table from XYZ Machine Tools.

  • XYZ UMC-5X

    We have combined cutting edge build technology with the latest upgraded performance specifications to produce a high precision, high speed, simultaneous 5 axis VMC. The XYZ UMC-5X is purposely designed for complex and multi surface machining.

    Siemens 840DSL ShopMill Control (TNC 640 HSCI Heidenhain optional)
    Front loading 600mm diameter trunnion rotary table 90 rpm
    High accuracy rotary axis direct drive high torque motor 90 rpm no worm and wheel
    Tilting axis servo worm drive with brake +/- 120° (2.5 sec full rotation, torque motor optional)
    Maximum table load of 600 kg
    Traori / Kinematic functions for 5 axis simultaneous machining
    12,000 / 15,000 rpm in-line spindle or high speed 18,000 / 24,000 rpm
    motorised built-in spindle
    High pressure through spindle coolant system
    Side-mounted 24, 32, 48 or 60 tools ATC for quick tool changing
    Linear scales X Y and Z
    High precision encoders on A and C axis pivot centres
    Thermal growth compensation
    Integration of patented technology – Smart Machining Technology (SMT)
    Gantry frame machine


  • XYZ ROBO-TEND – An Independent Overview

    XYZ Robo-Tend

    The XYZ Robo-Tend will fit most makes of machine tools, and can be in production within hours of delivery.

    Minimise labour costs.
    Works 24/7 without holidays, tea, chatting or comfort breaks.
    Finance from less than £2 per hour.
    Payback can be just a few months if purchased outright.
    British designed and built by Adelphi.
    Kuka Cybertech Robot as standard.
    Vision system.
    Modular system cabinet or conveyor feed.
    Quick and easy change from one machine to another with conversational set up.
    Operates with machining or turning centre.