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EIS - Engineering Integrity Society

EIS - Engineering Integrity Society


NG22 8JS Farnsfield Newark
United Kingdom

The Engineering Integrity Society is a long established charitable society focusing on the areas of fatigue, testing and durability. Members of the EIS have many years of experience in these fields gained through working in some of the best known companies in the industry.

The EIS offers a unique forum for industrial engineers to exchange ideas and experience. Since its foundation in 1985 the Society has made an important contribution to engineering science, holding major National and International Conferences, organising and co-ordinating specialist task groups and presenting technical seminars. Membership is worldwide.

The EIS organises seminars, exhibitions and training programmes, which are valued for their informal yet informed character. The Society also holds an annual Instrumentation, Test and Measurement exhibition, including forums on topics of current interest to engineers. We are constantly looking for new ways to help companies to get the best from their investment in testing, design and people.

Today’s engineers must be able to handle problems which cover a variety of engineering disciplines. The EIS provides a pragmatic and practical arena for engineers who need access to information on a multidisciplinary basis, across a wide range of industries.

The Society publishes bound volumes of Conference Proceedings and reports of seminars and Task Groups are published in the Society Journal, which also contains technical articles and papers. All EIS events are open to members and non-members alike.

Product news

  • Fatigue 2020

    As engineering modelling and simulation tools
    become ever more powerful and sophisticated
    there still remains the challenge of correlating
    the virtual world with both idealised laboratory
    testing and the wide, and potentially
    unexpected, range of service conditions
    experienced by machines and structures. These
    challenges are compounded by the advent of
    new materials, new ways of manufacturing
    components, new applications and new test and
    measurement techniques.
    At Fatigue 2020 we will seek to explore not
    only the latest developments in engineering
    modelling and simulation, advances in test
    and measurement techniques, innovations in
    manufacturing, and developments in materials
    science, but also the complex interrelations
    between all these topics that give rise to
    improvements in fatigue performance, durability
    and structural integrity.
    Scientific Topics
    Topics covered during the conference will include:
    basic science of fatigue, advanced manufacturing, high
    performance materials, multiaxiality, thermomechanical
    response, corrosive environments, notches, welds and
    joints, designing against failure and tools for structural
    integrity assessment. Presentations will include
    innovative modelling and simulation, new experimental
    techniques and novel assessment methods.
    The full programme will be published on
    www.fatigue2020.com as soon as it becomes available.