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Coventive Composites

Coventive Composites


S419QG Derbyshire
United Kingdom

Coventive Composites is a specialist independent consultancy, providing technical expertise and access to pilot-scale equipment and testing facilities to help clients develop and commercialise novel composite materials and components.

Coventive’s expert advice and technical support cover all aspects of the product development lifecycle and our services include:
- market intelligence;
- materials and process development;
- design and structural analysis;
- pilot-scale manufacturing and prototyping;
- materials characterisation and testing and;
- training.

Our offering is flexible, to suit our clients’ individual requirements.
- Short term projects and one-off assignments.
- Extended, multi-stage programmes.
- Long-term development partnerships.

Visit the Coventive Composites stand at Advanced Engineering to find out more and to take advantage of #asktheexpert:

Joe Carruthers, MEng, PhD
Managing Director

Speak to Joe about designing with composites; selecting the right materials and processing methods to realise components and structures with the required balance of performance and cost. Joe is also available to discuss training in composite materials and grant funding to support collaborative research and development.

Chris Hare, BA (Hons)
Research & Technology Manager

Speak to Chris about thermoplastic composites in their varied forms, their applications (including ballistics) and the manufacturing techniques that can be used to form them. Chris is also available to discuss tooling, recycling and closed-loop strategies for composites as well as bio-based composites in their many guises.

Ben Hargreaves, BSc (Hons), MBA, PhD
Business Manager

Speak to Ben about polymer nanocomposites; what are they? how do we make them? ...and why should we bother? Ben is also available to talk to anyone who is new to composites and looking for some guidance to help them take the next step.