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MK92UB Milton Keynes
United Kingdom

A global group.

Formed in 2009, Omnia Multilingual Solutions today is part of an international group with 3 operating sites in the United Kingdom, one in the United States and one in Italy, plus a network of correspondents in countries like China, Pakistan, Canada and Brazil.

OMNIA have been providing global multilingual translation and localization solutions for over 35 years.
From local industry to multinational organizations, at Omnia we manage every step of the content lifecycle, to translation, DTP and multi-mode publishing, enabling our customers to successfully deploy technically accurate and culturally sensitive content in the global marketplace in over 150 languages.
• Premium Language Resources who know their domain inside out, for technically accurate and culturally sensitive translations that speak your reader’s language.
• Robust Quality Assurance process based on the most updated standards
• Technological innovation. Omnia’s centralized language management platform, WorldServer, has the infrastructure and scalability to meet your present and future needs through the implementation and development of best-of-breed language technology.
Spiralling Content Creation and Translation costs due to a lack of process management, inadequate vendor selection often carried out simultaneously in different departments, inconsistent terminology across product documentation, failure to reuse previously translated materials efficiently, and a vendor that lacks a recognized process for improvement – these are just some of the challenges faced by many of our customers.
Omnia’s team of talented professionals will evaluate, identify and implement the systems and processes required to solve your localisation and translation challenges and instil high performance into your globalization lifecycle.
• Multilingual services provided:
o Technical Documentation Translation
o Marketing Collateral Translation
o Marketing and Advertising Transcreation
o Website Localization
o Software Localization
o Multilingual Desktop Publishing
o Authoring solutions
o Centralized Content and Document Management solutions
o XML Publishing solutions
o Simultaneous interpretation
o Consecutive interpretation
o Whisper interpretation
o Voiceover and multimedia services

for a complete overview of our service we invite you to visit our web site https://www.omnia-group.com/en/