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Dura-ID Solutions


S9 2RS Sheffield
United Kingdom

Dura-ID Solutions provide identification solutions for challenging environments including labels, moulded tags, badges, printing systems, software, service, and much more.

Our specialist engineering team take time to understand your application to ensure a bespoke solution to fit your business needs is created. Dura-ID have developed a number of specialist products that resist chemicals, oil, dirt and outdoor exposure to suit manufacturing and engineering environments.

Our Mouldings Division offers injection moulded plastic products and vinyl labels for branding purposes. Badging in engineering environments needs to withstand harsh processes including long-term exposure to dust and dirt and scratching. The products on offer from our Mouldings Division have been specially developed to withstand these environments. Further to our industrial badging offerings, we also offer car badging to both interior and exterior grades and already serve several large car manufacturers in the UK.

We will be showcasing a variety of our products at Advanced Engineering and are looking forward to welcoming new and familiar faces to our stand.


Product news

  • Track & Trace for Medical

    Our high temperature medical labels, tags and self-ties withstand autoclave sterilisation and are designed for easy attachment onto surgical sets and containers. We also produce self-adhesive labels, available with or without a colour change indicator, which serves as an additional visual check to confirm when surgical trays have successfully completed the sterilisation process.

    Dura-ID has worked with NHS hospitals to develop a high tack labelling solution to overcome the challenges of adhering medical labels to the various different types of surgical tray wrap. These labels help theatre staff to easily identify stacked wrapped trays.

    Self Adhesive Labels
    Single copy, piggy-back and multi-part adhesive labels provide a full logistical audit of the assignment of medical equipment and treatments including patient notes. All our self-adhesive medical labels are latex free; pulp free options are also available.

    Our range of medical labels also includes water, chemical and tear resistant washer tags, syringe labels for aseptic units, bed change labels to support efficient housekeeping and infection control, waste management tags, laundry tags and asset tracking labels.

  • High Performance Labelling for Metal

    Our metal labelling division provides specially-developed labelling solutions for the metal and engineering industries. Our labelling is used extensively in the steel manufacturing and processing industries to improve the traceability of the product throughout the supply chain, and to reduce scrappage – ultimately, saving money for producers.

    Our thermo-tag (600) has been specifically developed by Dura-ID to identify products whilst still hot, and can be applied at temperatures of up to 600 degrees C.

    The ability to apply labelling whilst the product is still hot reduces waste and increases production efficiency, whilst allowing for a speedy turnaround. The Thermo-Tag (600) can be used with a standard industrial thermal transfer printer (e.g. Zebra, TEC, TSC or other).

    Variable data and bar-coded information can be printed in-house using this product. This product is widely used in heavy engineering, heavy industrial and high temperature environments.

    Our Pannier machine allows tags to be applied at temperatures of up to 1000 degrees C whilst our self adhesive labelling provides excellent adhesion on difficult surfaces, and is temperature resistant up to 350 degrees C. These labels are also guaranteed to be tear and crush resistant.

    For more information about Dura-ID’s specialist metal labelling products, contact our team on +0808 167 6575 or by email at metals@dura-id.com and we will be very happy to help with any requirements.