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The Dedienne Multiplasturgy® Group is a world class innovative technological partner combining Conception & Manufacturing of parts & sub-assemblies using high performance Plastics & Composites for metal replacement.

OUR MISSION is to create value for our customers :

Utilising our Multiplasturgy® concept, we help simplify and make your most complex projects in plastics & composites possible.

Reduce weight through the design and manufacture of parts using high performance plastics & composites for metal replacement.

Our unique MULTIPLASTURGY® concept combines expertise & technologies in Project management, Machining, Injection, Micro Injection, Thermoforming, TP Composites, Plastronic, Painting, Metallisation and Assembly.

Plastic experts in EMC & Plastronic across 3 technologies: Injection, Metallisation & Absorbers

Plants: 6 - France x4, Romania & USA
Offices: UK & Germany
Staff: 600 Sales: €67M
Certifications: ISO 9001-EN-AS9100-AQAP2120-QUALIFAS-ISOTS16949-IS014001-ISO13485


Product news

  • Dedienne Multiplasturgy Acquires CG-Tec Micro Injection

    Dedienne Multiplasturgy® Group acquires CG.Tec Injection, a specialist very high
    precision injection moulder.
    This acquisition enables Dedienne Multiplasturgy® Group to pursue its development and strengthen its
    expertise as a multi-technology solutions provider.
    Dedienne Multiplasturgy® Group, a European specialist in the manufacture of high-value, highperformance
    engineering plastics and composite parts, today announced the acquisition of CG.Tec. The
    choice fell on CG.Tec because of the advanced technological expertise of the company.
    In addition to its know-how in the manufacture of precision moulds and the injection of miniature plastic
    parts, CG.Tec has developed, in-house, 6-axis robotics allowing flexibility for a wide range of products
    combined with extensive optical controls. The expertise of CG.Tec is a result of 2 factors: the experience
    acquired by employees on highly technical projects and a sustained level of investment in mechanics,
    injection, robotics and metrology.
    "We are delighted by the coming together of two companies that have convergent strategic visions. It will
    enable us to better meet the needs of our customers while also expanding the base of our French and
    International customers, especially in the field of micro-injection and the injection of very high precision
    components. When our teams speak in hundredths of a millimetre, those of CG.Tec speak in microns” stated
    Pierre-Jean Leduc, President of Dedienne Multiplasturgy® Group.
    For CG.Tec, this joining of two companies is a development accelerator for existing customers. It will also
    promote access to new markets through an expanded customer network. The company, which already
    generates 2/3rds of its turnover as export, is dedicated to growing its international business with the
    network of Sales Offices and Dedienne manufacturing sites abroad.



    Dedienne Multiplasturgy® Group, specialist in the design and manufacture of high
    performance plastic and composite technical parts, replacing metal parts, becomes THE first
    French manufacturer to equip itself with the EOS P 810 laser sintering machine for EOS
    HT-23 material (based on Kepstan® PEKK, Extreme Polymer from Arkema, reinforced
    with Carbon Fibers).
    Dedienne Multiplasturgy Group® has always worked in a continuous stream of innovations. In
    this context, the Group is in the process of creating a complete “Atelier Dedienne 3D” for
    additive production-oriented manufacturing in small and medium-sized series. In April 2019, a
    first machine was put into service, allowing series in additive manufacturing based on Rilsan®
    Polyamide 11, high performance bio-based polymer, derived entirely from sustainable castor
    oil and manufactured by Arkema.
    In October, the “Atelier Dedienne 3D” will host the EOS P 810 machine to produce EOS HT-
    23 parts, an EOS powder made from Kepstan® PEKK, the extreme polymer supplied by
    Arkema, reinforced with carbon fibers. EOS P 810 is the first laser sintering solution for mass
    production of demanding high temperature PEKK polymer functional parts.
    Dedienne Multiplasturgy® Group is THE first French equipped manufacturer delivering
    functional parts and components internationally. With a construction volume of 700 x 380
    x 380 mm, EOS P 810 allows fast and economical production of high-performance techno
    polymer parts directly from CAD data without the need for tooling. EOS HT-23 parts offer high
    strength at low weight and withstand temperatures well above 200°C. They can also be
    metallized to provide electrical continuity or serve as electromagnetic shielding, technologies
    that are mastered and implemented internally by Dedienne Multiplasturgy® Group.