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Eurotherm by Schneider Electric

Eurotherm by Schneider Electric


BN13 3PL Worthing
United Kingdom

As part of the Schneider Electric business, Eurotherm is a leading global supplier of Industrial Automation and process control, measurement and data management solutions and services. Our innovative products and solutions are designed to bring real benefits to customers by optimising processes, operations and plant efficiency.

Our wide range of products is rich in features and designed for easy operation and reduced engineering time. They contain market-leading control algorithms, recording and data management strategies which add value to industrial processes, improving quality, reducing waste and ensuring data is kept safe for as long as it is needed.

Decades of experience in providing world-class process control, recording and automation are supported by a continuous research and development programme to ensure our solutions meet the modern challenges faced across a wide range of industries. Our customers are fully supported by a global sales and service network of highly qualified engineering personnel who understand the applications and industries they serve.


Product news

  • Precision controller with robust cybersecurity strategy and IIoT connectivity

    Eurotherm has designed this new range around best practice for cybersecurity, and EPC3000 is the first Eurotherm process controller tested to the highly demanding Achilles® CRT Level 1 qualification, a unique solution designed to enable device manufacturers to conduct comprehensive quality testing throughout the product development lifecycle.


  • EPack power Controller

    Schneider Electric™, the global specialist in energy management and automation, has added to the highly adaptable Eurotherm EPack power controller range combining a high level of functionality and configurability with straightforward set up and operation, designed for fast integration and optimum efficiency. This release covers a full range of loads, whatever the type, coupling or power.
    Excellent adaptability and standardization make the EPack range the ideal solution for original equipment manufacturers system Integrators and end users.
    Global certification to international standards allows EPack to be adapted to a wide spectrum of markets and applications with a robust design for high reliability in demanding environments.


  • EPC2000 Programmable Controllers

    EPC2000 Programmable Controllers are easy to install, commission
    and replace. Enhanced Eurotherm control performance and
    exceptional measurement thermal stability aids repeatability and
    yield; many specialist processes have limited tolerance to
    temperature fluctuations and the enhanced Eurotherm PID algorithm
    is particularly well suited to critical process steps with rapid mitigation of disturbances. Single loop controllers continue to maintain zone conditions, independently of a supervisory system or PLC(s). Designed especially for high reliability in demanding environments, the controller helps reduce unplanned downtime.


  • EcoStruxure Manufacturing Compliance Advisor

    EUROTHERM® by Schneider Electric is a leader within industrial automation and the digital transformation of manufacturing equipment compliance. Eurotherm has developed EcoStruxure Manufacturing Compliance Advisor, a digital platform to manage compliance of manufacturing equipment more effectively. Due to Eurotherm’s experience and expertise, digitalization does not have to be expensive or difficult. Business interruption can be avoided, without complex integration of new technologies.