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Kemet International Ltd

Kemet International Ltd


ME15 9NJ Maidstone
United Kingdom

Providing solutions to precision finishing challenges for over eighty years, Kemet Lapping and Polishing Machines, Cleaning Systems and Equipment, including FPI lines, are fully supported with Fine Diamond and Conventional Abrasive Slurries & Pastes, Application Support Products, Aqueous Chemical Cleaning Fluids.
Kemet also offer a range of over 30,000 grinding/polishing tools, accessories and consumables for precision engineers and a complete programme of cutting, mounting, grinding, and polishing consumables and machines for Metallographic, Spectroscopic and Geological sample preparation. Kemet also offer the EMCO TEST range of hardness testers.
Free Process Trials are available to determine your optimum lapping, polishing and cleaning routes.


Product news

  • Apollo 11 anniversary highlights Kemet's role in analysing moon rock samples

    Diamond lapping of the moon rock samples was carried out on Kemet Kent Mk 11 machines, two using 6 micron Kemet diamond compound, the third with 3 micron diamond compound and the fourth with 1 micron compound. Before applying the compound a 'shot' of Kemet OS Lubricating Fluid was given to the polishing discs, one 'shot' of this aerosol fluid providing enough lubrication for a polishing sequence. A final polish was given to the specimens using 1 micron finely divided alumina on a fifth machine: this much softer abrasive breaks down into even smaller particles during polishing and for this ultimate stage the high cutting ability and dimensional stability of diamond would actually prove a disadvantage. This final polishing, which normally only takes a few seconds, was continued until no scratches or surface deformations were visible at 3000X magnification under an electron or optical microscope.
    Analysis of the lunar rocks and dust showed that their chemical composition is different to that of any known earth rock, leading scientists to suggest that the moon came from somewhere else in space and was captured by the earth's gravity, or that it and the earth were formed at about the same time and out of the same matter. Furthermore, there was no evidence in the lunar material of life - past or present - or of water.
    Building on this significant role in history, Kemet have established the most comprehensive range of geological and metallographic sample preparation equipment and consumables, all of which can be viewed on their website.