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ZSK Stickmaschinen

ZSK Stickmaschinen


47800 Krefeld

The Technical Embroidery Systems of ZSK Stickmaschinen GmbH enables with the use of new and innovative techniques the laying and fixing of different media on textile and/or flexible carrier material.

The laying with ZSK embroidery machines, meaning the fixing through embroidering is one of the most accurate and efficient production methods.

Media like wires and any kind of fibers, tubes and optical fibers can be layed flexible and will be fixed secure and strongly through embroidery techniques like the ZigZag stitch. Materials with different conditions like Polyamid, Polyester, PPS or Aramid are available as a yarn. For products with special load requirements yarns with a steel core can be used if applicable.


Product news

  • New machines launched at the ZSK Open House Messe 2018

    ZSK have launched new machines for the technical textiles and composite industry.

    JGVA 0109
    The JGVA 0109 is the ideal sampling and small batch production machine for technical or high end design requirements. The machine is the smallest triple combination embroidery machine that exists. Due to its compact size of 3.44m x 1.84m it fits well into laboratories. The machine combines the standard embroidery head (F), the cording / taping / coiling head (W), and the moss / chain stitch head (K).

    JGW 0200
    JGW 0200 stands for a 3.44m wide and 1.84m deep versatile sampling and small scale production machine.
    This machine for technical applications is equipped with two W laying heads with a head distance of 550mm and a laying field of 550 x 600mm per head.
    The machine is further equipped with a drive system that allows one head (with the second head switched off) to lay designs up to 1.100 x 600mm.
    The machine can be equipped with all typical options that ZSK offers for tech- nical embroidery machines.
    The specialty of the machine is the capability to lay relatively large components considering the compact size of the machine.

    Challenger Series
    The new CHALLENGER models are the CYCF 2409-330D, CYCF 3606-200D, CXCF 1212-480, CYCF 1012-600D, and CYGF 1209-600.

    See ZSK technical embroidery systems on stand N90