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Group Rhodes Ltd

Group Rhodes Ltd


WF19RD Wakefield, West Yorkshire

Group Rhodes designs and develops advanced forming machinery for both metals and composites.

The company is a market leader in the field of superplastic forming and diffusion bonding, having installed titanium and aluminium forming cells in leading aerospace and automotive manufacturers worldwide. Group Rhodes also offers a wide range of cold forming technologies for specialist metalforming applications across a number of industrial sectors.

In the field of composites, the company boasts a 75 year history, forming composite materials as early as the 1930's. Today Group Rhodes composite machinery is used to produce structural components for production road cars as well as flight critical components for a variety of aircraft.

Recent contracts include two SPF/DB presses for a North American aircraft manufacturer (rated at 850 and 1800 US Tons respectively) and a 1000 Ton multi axis composite moulding press for a UK customer. The latter has been designed for research and development work and to accommodate every conceivable type of composite process.

All Group Rhodes machinery is supported by a comprehensive aftermarket spares and service team which maintains Rhodes equipment throughout the world.