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RH15DZ Surrey

The Tinius Olsen Testing Machine Company designs and manufactures testing machines for determining the mechanical properties of metals, plastics and composites.

The company was founded in 1880 by Tinius Olsen and remains a specialist manufacturer and supplier of static tension and/or compression materials testing machines.

Our machines are designed for use in many industries including research and quality control to measure material’s strength and performance. Using Tinius Olsen equipment it is possible to perform tests on raw materials and finished products to international standards including ASTM, ISO, and EN.
As a leading global manufacturer Tinius Olsen provides equipment for material testing needs. Our products include static testing equipment for either tensile and compression using a single frame, hardness, pendulum impacts, melt flow indexers, heat distortion and vicat, and more to meet your testing needs.

Product news

  • Tinius Olsen Wins Prestigious Chinese Online Award

    World leading machine testing manufacturer Tinius Olsen have made in-roads into the lucrative Chinese market with the winning of a prestigious online award.

    The company’s metals and plastics pendulum impact testing machine IT503 has been voted the most popular scientific instrument in its category by users of the highly popular scientific instrument information website instrument.co.cn

    Users voted for one Chinese winner and one International winner in a number of different categories. Six products were shortlisted in each category based on the number of page visits on the site. The IT503 won the International award in the Testing Machines section.

    “We are delighted with the award which is indicative of the way our testing machines have been received within the Chinese marketplace. China has the second largest economy in the world, so interest such as this from within the industry sector is very pleasing,” said Martin Wheeler, Director of Sales and Business Development.

    “The IT 503 is one of the best machines available within its sector. Obviously this reputation has reached the Chinese market which can only help establish the Tinius Olsen brand.”

    China is one of the fastest rowing economies in the world, importing an estimated $1.53T in products and services every year. Industries across all sectors export in excess of $2.37T, creating a ready made market for the testing machine industry.

    Clearly the reputation for quality and durability of our product line is already established in China, which will make the creation of new markets in the country that much easier,” continued Mr Wheeler.

    The model IT 503 plastics impact tester, together with the model IT 504, continues to set the industry standard for versatility, ease of operation, and display of information with high resolution. The primary difference between the IT503 and the IT504 is that the model IT504 is supplied without the interlocking safety shielding.


  • Cincinnati State Technical College, a Tinius Olsen Success Story

    The partnership between the two organisations goes back to the establishment of the College in 1969, as Mike DeVore, Professor & Program Chair of the Mechanical Engineering & Welding Technology Dept explains:

    “I started teaching at Cincinnati State 29 years ago and at that time we had a very old Tinius Olsen tensile test machine that still worked extremely well on a day to day basis.”  

    We decided to update our lab in 1993 and, due to the reliability and generally good history that we had with the old machine, I decided to purchase another from Tinius Olsen.”

    “I visited the factory in Pennsylvania and was very impressed with the quality of work and professionalism of the employees at the company, so we purchased our second Tinius Olsen machine, a 60L Super L Tensile Tester.

    "We had obtained funding to upgrade our materials test lab with all new equipment and it was a relatively easy decision to once again look to Tinius Olsen, thanks to the great experience we have had with the company over the years. 

    The machines installed at the Colleges’ testing lab are a 10,000 In/lb Bench Top Torsion Tester, a Model IT406 Pendulum Impact tester, four Rockwell and one Brinnel Hardness Testing machines, as well as retro-fitting the 60L Super L.

    “The new equipment is used in several courses within our Mechanical Engineering Technology, Welding Technology, and Civil Engineering Technology programs. The primary use is in our MET 140 Engineering Materials course where our students spend the semester doing destructive testing.” 

    Cincinnati State Technical and Community College, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, provides high-quality technical and general education, academic transfer, experiential and cooperative education and workforce development.

    Contact Richard Coombes at sales@tiniusolsen.co.uk

  • Tinius Olsen Launch Groundbreaking Optical Non-Contact Extensometer

    Epsilon One is suitable for testing high-modulus materials such as metals and composites and higher-elongation materials, thin or delicate specimens, cyclic fatigue, strain controlled testing, deflectometer applications and measuring crack opening displacements.

    Class-leading accuracy and resolution are achieved by Epsilon’s comprehensive optical path optimisation, thanks to a unification of several optical technologies and signal processing algorithms.

    Its ultra-high camera resolution, real-time data rates up to 3000Hz, minimisation of optical error sources and signal processing techniques provide high strain resolution and accuracy with the lowest noise.

    Strain or extension is measured and output in real time. Epsilon ONE’s high resolution and ISO 0,5 / ASTM B-1 accuracy classes make it suitable for non-contact measurement of a wide range of strain values, from very small strains required to measure modulus of metals, composites, ceramics and CMCs through elastomers and everything in between.

    “Epsilon ONE doesn’t have to be started and stopped for each specimen like most video extensometers and DIC systems, with Laser-Assist Alignment System providing an instant alignment and distance spot check. This projects pre-aligned laser lines on the specimen before the test to reveal any misalignment.

    “During the test, high precision tele-centric lenses eliminate errors due to out-of-plane movements on low strain materials and components.”

    “All these factors result in Epsilon ONE being equipped with the accuracy and fine resolution required to measure modulus, offset yield, stress-strain curves and strain at failure for all high-modulus materials.”

    This maintains full strain measurement accuracy, even if the specimen or grips move “out of plane” during the test. Conventional ento-centric lenses, which are widely used by other manufacturers of non-contact extensometers, cannot match this performance.

    Contact Richard Coombes at sales@tiniusolsen.co.uk