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Interface Force Measurements Ltd

Interface Force Measurements Ltd


RG456BZ Crowthorne

Interface Force Measurements are specialist in Force, Multi Axis, Torque and Pressure measurement solutions with a history of supplying the best solutions possible. This belief is backed by our range of high quality, high accuracy force, torque, pressure sensor and pressure mapping systems we supply from some of the world’s leading manufacturers. These include;
Single, dual multi axis load cells & torque transducers from Interface Force; AMTI's 6-axis transducers: and XSensor's Pressure mapping systems and GP50's wide range of pressure sensors and transmitters. We also offer a complete range of amplifiers, indicators, data loggers and other electronics to ensure we provide you with the complete measurement solution.

For more information visit;
Web site www.interface.uk.com
e-mail info@interface.uk.com


Product news

  • ITA-1"ClickR-ClackR" In-line Amp


    New inline strain gauge amplifier launched by Interface Force Measurements

    Crowthorne, Berkshire, UK, 7 June 2017: Interface Force Measurements, a leader in force measurement announces the launch of the ITA-1 (Click-R Clack-R) analogue strain gauge amplifier. This new product is used to convert a sensor’s millivolt signal into an analogue signal for display or data acquisition. This simple, yet innovative product is connected to the sensor in line via a 5-pin, M12 connector.

    The ITA-1 can be connected to any force, strain, torque or pressure sensor that supplies a millivolt output signal, either voltage or current. When supplied with an Interface load cell or torque transducer, the ITA-1 comes factory configured to the correct output however, set-up can be modified using the tare and scale cables. It is also TEDS enabled, so enabling easy configuration with TEDS-equipped load cells.

    Information on the new product can be found at

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    Author: Tony Rokins. Interface Force Measurements Ltd. Tel: 01344 776666
    Email: tonyr@interface.uk.com

    Press contact: Eileen Holmes-Ievers. In Press PR Ltd. Tel: 01488 674200
    Email: mailto:eileen@inpress.co.uk


  • DDM On Vehicle Pressure Sensors

    Interface Force Measurements are please to launch DDM’s innovative range of small form pressure sensors to the U.K. Automotive Industry for the first time.
    Widely used by automotive manufacturers and test houses in Germany, DDM’s sensors are designed to offer accurate flow and pressure measurement in applications such as
    • Fuel system pressure measurement
    • Coolant pressure measurement
    • Turbo charger pressure
    • Exhaust back pressure
    • Brake system fluid pressure
    • Crankcase pressure
    • Tank vent pressure
    • Automatic transmission fluid
    DDM’s sensors are designed for both on vehicle and test bench use. All sensors feature a fully welded stainless-steel construction. Pressure ports and electrical connectors can be user specified to best fit your application.
    Pressure ranges start at 0.1bar, up to 2,000bar with working temperature ranges from -40⁰c to +150⁰C
    For more information please contact us on 01344 776666, e-mail info@interface.uk.com or visit our website www.interfaceforce.co.uk