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Scaglia Indeva Ltd

Scaglia Indeva Ltd


S45 9JW Chesterfield
United Kingdom

Industrial Manipulators and Material Handling Solutions.

Scaglia Indeva has been designing and manufacturing industrial manipulators since 1970 and today we are the world leader in supplying state of the art material handling solutions.

At Scaglia Indeva, we supply Intelligent Devices for Handling (INDEVA), a new generation of advanced industrial manipulators that, together with bespoke gripping devices designed by our engineers specifically for each application, can be truly considered ‘human extenders’. With over 40 years’ experience, expertise and accumulated knowledge, constantly updated with state of the art technology improvements developed by our R&D department, Scaglia INDEVA is able to address the need for higher productivity combined with operator wellbeing, safety and ergonomics.


Product news

  • Innovative material handling solutions to improve workplace ergonomics

    Scaglia Indeva’s range of innovative industrial manipulators has been created to deliver significant ergonomic advantages in relation to manual material handling. Since 1970, we have been market leaders in the production of industrial manipulators, also known as intelligent devices for handling...


  • How the right material handling solution can boost your company’s productivity

    If you have not yet upgraded your lifting system, or have not got around to installing a mechanical system at all, it may be time to consider a material handling solution that will boost your company’s productivity and increase your profits.

    Studies show that the introduction of one of the new generation electronic industrial manipulators can not only increase productivity, it also significantly improves ergonomics and the well-being of employees who carry out manual material handling tasks.