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CM94XB Essex
United Kingdom

With technology and innovation firmly at our core, Blackman & White offer cutting-edge solutions used by a wide range of companies, from global manufacturers to start-ups.

We are the UK’s only manufacturer of cutting systems, with all machines designed and manufactured from start to finish here at our UK factory. With years of engineering experience, our machines are easily identified for their robust and reliable build quality, which goes hand-in-hand with their record for quickly delivering a return on investment.

Founded in 1964 by engineers Les White and Jack Blackman, Blackman & White (B&W) remains a family-owned company, with design under the helm of John White and the technical innovation being spearheaded by Alex White.

Based in Maldon, Essex, England – in a town where sailing and boating are hugely popular – we were born into the marine industry, yet during the last five decades we have worked with a diverse range of clients in many industries ranging from aerospace to fashion.

We are proud of our engineering heritage which has seen us manufacture a range of high quality machinery which have longevity, and the flexibility of holding multiple combinations of knife, laser and marking tools. Here at Blackman & White we evolve through innovation.


Product news

  • Blackman & White make the evening news

    Blackman & White Managing Director Alex White was invited to participate in a segment on the Channel 5 News last night. The focus of the article was the Prime Minister’s approach to Brexit, and as a business owner and Managing Director, Alex was able to portray his positive outlook.

    As a significant exporter of specialised cutting machines, Blackman & White ship their product all over the globe and import components for their machines from various overseas markets. This makes Blackman and White an authority on the import and export process, which is what brought them to the attention of the producers at Channel 5.

    In a segment that aired on last night’s evening news, Alex outlined his confident perspective and the fact that there needs to be more positivity around the whole Brexit process. Echoing the sentiments of the Prime Minister, Alex confirmed that people would be best served to embrace the process and to see the opportunities Brexit can deliver in a glass half full approach to the situation.

    Alex White, Managing Director, commented, “For the long term, I can see some significant advantages in being separated from the EU, making partnerships with other countries and looking towards a future with some of the emerging economies in the commonwealth.”

    Alex expanded on these points by saying, “Brexit is an emotive subject at the moment but pragmatically a line in the sand needs to be drawn on the 31st October. A definite decision and a date are needed to give everybody the opportunity to get on and make plans to achieve the best possible outcome for the economy. The chances for a second referendum are slight and would only cause uncertainty for another 3 years so embracing the process to get the best possible outcome is only logical.”

    For more information on Blackman & White, please visit BlackmanandWhite.com