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Junair Spraybooths Ltd


OL101PW Heywood
United Kingdom

Junair are the UK's leading manufacturer of spraybooths, ovens and paint finishing equipment focusing on high quality and energy efficiency.
Over many years Junair have supplied Industrial spray booth equipment to a wide range of clients, ranging from small process lines to fully automated mass production paint finishing lines. All our industrial spraybooths and paint finishing equipment is purpose built to suit customers requirements. From simple preparation rooms to more complex conveyorised paint finishing lines, Junair will provide you with a high quality tailored solution.


Product news

  • Semi Automated Paint Finishing System Installed at Formaplex

    With a reputation for excellence built on many years of engineering experience, and a dedication to dynamic working practices, Formaplex recognised the need for expansion. Having had previous positive experiences working with Junair, the team at Formaplex turned to Junair for the design and installation of their new semi-automated paint finishing facility.

    The new 120 000 sq. ft. factory is built on a 7.25 acre site on the South Coast and increases the production space by 80% in order to support the future growth of the business.

    Richard Field, Paint Technical Manager, Formaplex commented: “Having previously worked with Junair I knew they would be able to help us with this major expansion project. We had some pretty demanding requirements. Our new semi-automated paint facilities will ensure we have the additional capacity to continue to provide our services to the highest standard during this period of growth.”

    At the very beginning of the process an enclosed fully extracted and ventilated preparation area facilitates the trimming and abrading of parts prior to painting.

    A high volume semi-automated primer paint application line has been installed to allow controlled application and processing of various primer paint finishes to automotive exterior trim.

    The system comprises a well ventilated manual cleaning area, a flaming cell for surface treatment of polypropylene products, two semi-automatic painting booths, a flash off area and integrated baking oven with separate product cooling post bake.

    Each of the two spraybooths are designed for robotic paint application.

    The cure oven is maintained at a very stable temperature and features sliding doors interlocked to the conveyor movement for efficient heat retention.

    The inverted semi-automatic floor conveyor allows an automatic timed dwell within the oven.

    A separate top coat line allows for complex multi-layer finishes.

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  • Junair install 3 large energy efficient spraybooths for RNLI

    Junair Spraybooths has recently installed and commissioned three bespoke energy efficient spraybooths for the new RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution) All-weather Lifeboat Centre (ALC) in Poole.
    The ALC will give the RNLI greater cost control and efficiencies which are expected to save more than £3m per year the charity.

    The composites and paint facility houses three bespoke Junair spray booth ovens, in which brand new vessels, refitted boats and repairs can be repaired, painted and baked.

    Big Booths for Big Boats
    Of the three spray booths installed, the two larger booths each measure 20 meters in length and 10 meters in both height and width to accommodate the largest lifeboats. An air handling unit rated at 70,000m3/hr has been fitted to each spraybooth ensuring high levels of airflow in accordance with legislative requirements.

    The smallest of the 3 booths has been designed to accommodate component parts and smaller boats and measures 20m x 7m x 7m high.

    For increased energy efficiency and temperature uniformity in the bake cycle, two of the booths have been fitted with Junair’s patented QADs, an auxiliary air movement system designed to accelerate the air movement from the corners and centre of the cabin during the flash off and bake cycles.

    Angus Trenholme, Technical Director, commented “We were delighted to be approached by RNLI to help out with their new ‘All-weather Lifeboat Centre’. When we initially worked with the RNLI to specify these booths we were fully aware of the importance of the long term energy efficiency of the spraybooths especially with the RNLI being a charitable organisation, which is why we recommended using our QADS.”

    Chloe Parmiter, Logistics Manager, RNLI comments “The new All-weather Lifeboat Centre gives greater control of costs and quality and has created 90 new employment opportunities in Poole, including apprenticeships in marine engineering and boat building.”

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  • Junair install a state of the art paint finishing line for Airedale

    With over 40 years’ experience Airedale are a leading supplier of air-conditioning units, exporting to over 60 countries worldwide. Unfortunately in 2014 the Airedale facility was consumed by a catastrophic fire completely destroying their production facility. In the aftermath of the fire Airedale soon realised that they could turn this to their benefit by commissioning a state of the art paint finishing line

    In order to ensure that Airedale could continue manufacturing, Junair installed a manual powder coating facility with a box oven and overhead product handling facility at a temporary manufacturing site. On completion of the new factory, the manual coating equipment was relocated and is now being used for larger products and one off units.

    The brand new state of the art factory now includes a fully automated powder coating line, comprising of a powered overhead conveyor, a high temperature tunnel curing oven and a fully automatic powder coating booth with powder reclamation and fast colour change. The whole plant was optimised to ensure the process is more workable and units are easier to load and unload from the powder coating line.

    The thermally efficient cure oven used to cure the air conditioning units, has proven to have an extremely even temperature curve, ensuring consistency of output and the energy efficiency of the plant. The oven has 150mm high density installation to walls and roof for optimum efficiency, and has been fitted with modern specification burner systems.

    Angus Trenholme, Technical Director, Junair Spraybooths commented “The fire at Airedale was devastating to the factory, however they’ve managed to turn things around and now own a world class manufacturing facility. Straight from handover Airedale reported a full rate of production. We’ve managed to turn a tragedy into a success story.”

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  • Junair install a 31 meter 9 series spraybooth for Hitachi Rail

    Junair Spraybooths has recently installed a 9 series commercial vehicle spray booth oven for Hitachi Rail. The recent installation comprised of a 31 meter 9 series spraybooth oven large enough to accommodate the latest Hitachi rail vehicles.

    An iSystem touch control pre-programmed with bake cycles was fitted to operate the spray booth. Hitachi Rail can now be confident of ensuring paint jobs are not over or under cured as operators can select from a list of coatings used and the most efficient cure profile is automatically executed. The iSystem also balances the air pressure within the cabin ensuring adherence with COSHH regulations.

    2 pneumatically powered Alfa-Lifts were fitted inside the spray booth for access to all areas of the trains painted surfaces. The Alfalifts’ easy-to-use controls are located inside the cage, and allow the operator to manoeuvre the platform on all 3 axis.

    As always, the safety of the operators is paramount; the Alfa lift complies with Health and Safety regulations for both lifting platforms and spray booths. Powered using only compressed air the Alfa-Lift is ideal for use in explosion and fire risk areas such as spray booth ovens.

    Energy Efficiency
    Hitachi Rail’s 9 series spray booth has 32 Junair patented QADs auxiliary air movement towers. QADs is an advanced air movement system designed to dramatically improve drying times by agitating air within the booth on flash off and cure cycles.

    Jason Douglas, Sales Director at Junair Spraybooths commented: “When I first visited the Hitachi Rail Vehicle Manufacturing Facility it was immediately apparent that a 9 series spray booth was required. As you can imagine the running costs of such a large booth are significant so ensuring that the booth is as energy efficient as possible was front of mind when we submitted the initial design.”

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  • State-of-the-art manufacturing plant for Magna Hartlip

    Magna Interior Systems are a global tier 1 supplier to the automotive industry. The Magna factory at Hartlip, Kent identified a need to expand their production facilities to support the growth of their key OEM clients and commissioned a fully automated solution. Junair were successful in securing the order based on a reputation of delivering innovation and state-of-the art, fully bespoke process systems.

    The aim of the project was to provide a state-of-the-art facility incorporating cutting edge technology to apply adhesive to upholstery used in the automotive industry. The brief required consistently top quality results ensuring the final finish of the vehicle interiors is high spec and premium quality.

    Not only have Junair achieved this, but as the factory only had a small area for the process to fit into, the whole process line was designed and installed on an exceptionally small footprint. The entire facility was configured to allow optimum material flow into and out of the adjacent clients press facilities.

    Overhead Power and Free Conveyor
    Manual Deionising Area
    Enclosed Spraybooth
    Adhesive Pump/Mix Room

    Angus Trenholme, Technical Director, Junair, commented, “We won this project because of our reputation for innovation and supplying state-of-the-art process systems. We definitely achieved that at Magna. Their new facility is a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant, built in a relatively small space to a very tight timescale. The team at Junair certainly proved themselves on this project.”

    Junair worked in conjunction with Magna’s suppliers including robotics and conveyor manufacturers to ensure the smooth delivery of the process line with minimum disruption to the client.

    Junair’s Technical, Design and Installation teams worked closely with the client, understanding their needs and objectives, and ensuring all key requirements were met within budget and within an extremely tight timescale.

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  • State of the art paint finishing facility - from Junair Spraybooths

    Junair Spraybooths, in collaboration with a major automotive tier 1 supplier of carbon composites, have designed, engineered and installed a complete paint finishing facility on their site in Hungary.

    This new facility is a bespoke solution conceived and developed, in conjunction with the client, to ensure the overall end result met with demanding customer objectives and expectations.

    A New Efficient Process Line
    The aim of the project was to provide an integrated finishing facility incorporating a sophisticated material handling solution and high levels of automation with cutting edge technology to provide an efficient, high quality paint facility which delivers consistently high quality results. Challenges in the project included the very special and specific temperature and humidity requirements for the paints being applied, plus the client’s extremely high yield objective, far in excess of industry norms. Not only have Junair delivered this but they have also managed to design the complete system to an aesthetically high standard, using clean white panelling, large viewing windows and excellent ambient lighting levels. The entire air handling plant was mezzanine mounted above the production facility to maximise space utilisation. The paint facility is the centrepiece of the client factory tour.

    Power and Free Conveyor

    Robotic Paint process

    Dry Filter Extraction

    Manual Spray Booth

    Flash Off & Cure

    Angus Trenholme, Technical Director. “Our main objectives for the new paint finishing facility were to increase the efficiency and consistency of the finishing process. We initially won this contract as a result of our reputation for technical ability and experience in this area. I’m delighted with the results of the new process line, our in house design team were able to lean on their extensive experience to create a cutting edge facility that exceeded our customers’ expectations.”

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