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Junair Spraybooths Ltd

Junair Spraybooths Ltd


OL101PW Heywood
United Kingdom

Junair are the UK's leading manufacturer of spraybooths, ovens and paint finishing equipment focusing on high quality and energy efficiency.
Over many years Junair have supplied Industrial spray booth equipment to a wide range of clients, ranging from small process lines to fully automated mass production paint finishing lines. All our industrial spraybooths and paint finishing equipment is purpose built to suit customers requirements. From simple preparation rooms to more complex conveyorised paint finishing lines, Junair will provide you with a high quality tailored solution.


Product news

  • Junair install spraybooth for world class marine outfitter

    Trimline are global experts in the interior refurbishment of marine vehicles with prestigious clients such as Cunard, Royal Navy, BAE Systems and Princess Cruises. The quality of the finish they provide is paramount to their ongoing success, and as the refinishing area is part of the factory tour for new and prospective clients, the aesthetics of their factory are key. Having out grown their previous spraybooth, Trimline turned to Junair Spraybooths to install a new refinishing area in their workshop.

    Junair consulted closely with Trimline to interpret their requirements. Trimline manufacture and refinish small items such as cabin fixtures and fittings, which require slow baking for extended periods of time causing a back log in the spraybooth. Therefore to increase productivity a spraybooth with an adjoining baking oven has been installed.

    The 1 Series spraybooth is 5m x 4.5m and is accessed via 2 leaf doors along the side of the booth. The fixtures and fittings that are being refurbished will be sprayed within the 1 Series and then moved to the adjacent 5m long baking oven, via a set of 4 leaf doors connecting the two areas. The parts can then be stored in the baking oven until full, and then baked in batches. This new process flow is much more time efficient and will enable Trimline to increase their throughput.

    A separate paint mixing room with ventilated mix bench ensures that paints can be mixed in a controlled environment and harmful paint vapours are removed from the atmosphere protecting the operatives.

    The spraybooth is fitted with fuel saver mode, variable speed drives and patented QADs to ensure maximum energy efficiency. The spraybooth, baking oven and paint mix room is illuminated using Junair UltraLux LED lighting. These energy efficient extras will provide Trimline with significant savings, when compared to their original set up.

    The entire installation was designed in 3D CAD to ensure it met with Trimlines stringent requirements. The spraybooth, baking oven and paint mixing room were finished in an aesthetically pleasing white powder coated panelling to enhance the looks of the refinishing area for when clients come to visit.

    Steven Wood, Sales Manager Junair Spraybooths commented:
    “I am very pleased to officially hand over a completed project for Trimline, a Southampton based shipbuilding company. A combi spraybooth with energy saving and productivity boosting features, a separate bake oven and a paint mixing room. It was a challenging project working around a low ceiling, exposed columns and difficult duct routing out of the building. The final results are very impressive and will provide service for many years to come.”


  • Junair install spraybooth oven for Tillett Racing Seats

    Tillett Racing Seats based in Sittingbourne, Kent are a world renowned manufacturer of seats for the motorsport and karting industries. Originally designed for karting, the carefully sculptured seat shapes were eventually developed for use in the Caterham R500 and following comprehensive R&D as well as pioneering product innovations, they now have dealers worldwide and a well-earned reputation as market leaders.

    After outgrowing their existing unit, Tillett Racing identified a need for a new manufacturing facility to meet demand and improve efficiency. Following a detailed consultation to find out the customer requirements, Junair Spraybooths installed a bespoke 1 Series rear extract spraybooth, a drying oven and an adhesive spraybooth.

    The 1 Series Spraybooth oven is a 5 x 5m booth with box filters at the rear. The box filters are high capacity particulate filters designed to reduce operating costs. Their unique design results in exceptionally low airflow resistance and prolongs the time between filter changes. The filters are durable and are simple to change requiring only one operative. The rear extract spray booth is used to apply a gel coat to the composite substrate after which the seats are moved to the curing oven. Learn more about the 1 Series Spraybooth.

    An adhesive booth has been installed for the application of adhesive, ensuring operatives are able to work in a safe environment. Its pleated extract filters offer superior performance characteristics. The engineered mechanical filter media is designed for optimum performance in standalone applications offering savings of energy and operating costs whilst protecting the workforce from the damaging effects of contaminated air. The adhesive booth is primarily for the application of a water based adhesive to the composite seats prior to the fitting of the fabric covering.

    The 8m wide baking oven will cure the seats ready for use. The iSystem control unit has pre-programmed recipes ensuring the correct drying profile is used and that the product is not over or under cured. The touch screen control system is intuitive to use and ensures operators are aware of exactly where in the process the booth is. They can instantly see if the booth is up to temperature that it’s at the correct pressure and how long is left at any stage of the process. Get more information about Junair’s curing ovens.

    Jason Douglas of Junair Spraybooths commented: “I was excited when I heard about this project, racing has always been a passion of mine and to work with such a well thought of name in the industry is an honour. We talked over their requirements and our technical design team came up with the optimum solution for them. The finished spraybooths definitely look the part and complement the quality of Tillett.”

    Junair Spraybooths are the UKs leading spraybooth manufacturer, with expertise in a variety of industries. For more information on Junair and the spraybooth equipment they provide visit www.junair.co.uk, contact the experienced team on 01706 363 555 or email sales@junair.co.uk


  • Semi Automated Paint Finishing System Installed at Formaplex

    Formaplex are a leading manufacturer of tooling and lightweight component solutions operating across many industries including automotive, industrial, aerospace and marine.

    With a reputation for excellence built on many years of engineering experience, and a dedication to dynamic working practices, Formaplex recognised the need for expansion. Having had previous positive experiences working with Junair on major OEM paint projects, the team at Formaplex naturally turned to Junair for the design and installation of their new semi-automated paint finishing facility.

    The new 120 000 sq. ft. factory is built on a 7.25 acre site on the South Coast and increases the production space by 80% in order to support the future growth of the business.

    Richard Field, Paint Technical Manager, Formaplex commented: “Having previously worked with Junair I knew they would be able to help us with this major expansion project. We had some pretty demanding requirements. Our new semi-automated paint facilities will ensure we have the additional capacity to continue to provide our services to the highest standard during this period of growth.”

    At the very beginning of the process an enclosed fully extracted and ventilated preparation area facilitates the trimming and abrading of parts prior to painting. The preparation area includes a dedicated on-tool extract system linked to a high pressure dust turbine unit, ensuring that dust particles are removed from the process at source and do not contaminate the primer line area.

    A high volume semi-automated primer paint application line has been installed to allow controlled application and processing of various primer paint finishes to automotive exterior trim. A floor mounted automatic conveyor passes through a number of interlinked enclosures to allow a controlled environment through the process, with stable temperature and filtered airflow. A high level of lighting is maintained throughout the facility, utilising Junair’s Ultralux lighting technology.

    The system comprises a well ventilated manual cleaning area, a flaming cell for surface treatment of polypropylene products, two semi-automatic painting booths, a flash off area and integrated baking oven with separate product cooling post bake.

    Each of the two spraybooths are designed for robotic paint application, and are also fitted with an innovative high efficiency dry filter paint overspray capture system comprising multi-stage box filters with additional secondary pocket filters, which allow the filter change frequency to be reduced to around ten changes per year, rather than twice weekly with other comparable systems. This promotes equipment uptime, reduces maintenance down time, and provides for far more stable booth operating conditions.

    Product rotation within the booths allows ergonomic access to all areas of the product, ensuring a consistent quality of finish. Large windows allow maximum light into the process areas and also allow for external client viewing. The whole of the facility is designed for high volume efficient production, for example the spraybooth fan sets will continue to pull a good exhaust volume from the cabins even when the filters are loaded 400% further than you would expect with an industry standard fan set.

    The cure oven is maintained at a very stable temperature and features sliding doors interlocked to the conveyor movement for efficient heat retention, fully filtered recirculated airflow, and also the heat stability is monitored and captured on a data logging device for the client quality department.

    The inverted semi-automatic floor conveyor has exceptional stability and allows an automatic timed dwell within the oven ensuring that the product is cured accordingly, whilst using an innovate accumulation system to reduce the oven footprint, and energy costs.

    A separate top coat line allows for complex multi-layer finishes, and comprises a pre-paint cleaning booth, four spraybooths each with a dedicated flash off area, and a final clear coat cure oven. The conveyor is a semi-automated and the whole facility is designed for ultra-variable production needs and finishes, typical of the current high end automotive sector demands.

    At the end of the 90m long facility a standalone combination spraybooth oven allows off-line development work comprising test pieces, short volume production and product development. The booth is typical of a Junair high specification automotive spray cabin and notably features the patented QADs auxiliary air movement system to allow unprecedented levels of production and quality.

    The whole Junair facility is supplemented by an additional polishing enclosure, dedicated paint mixing rooms sized for the equipment necessary for the preparation of a huge variety of 2K paint systems, machinery platforms and a sophisticated PLC control system across the whole plant.

    Angus Trenholme, Technical Director, Junair Spraybooths commented: “The fact that Formaplex turned to us to design and install their new paint facility speaks for itself. We worked closely with the team at Formplex, developing concepts in order to identify solutions to meet their particular requirements. The entire installation is designed with the future growth and diversification of the clients customer base in mind, we’ve even allowed upgrade capacity to many areas to further improve facility at a later date.”

    CEO, Mike Bryant comments ‘’ We have experienced steady growth over the last five years, resulting in our current production sites working at full capacity. This growth has been positively impacted by confidence in the automotive sector and increased international demand for UK premium car brands. We are currently producing 600 injection mould tools and moulding approx. 3 million thermoplastic components per year, predominantly for the automotive industry. Our new premises will ensure we have the additional capacity to continue to provide our services and world class products to our blue-chip customer base. Our 400+ strong, highly skilled workforce has also increased significantly over recent years, approximately 100 new job opportunities will become available at Voyager Park.’’

    Contact Junair for Spraybooth Equipment
    The Junair name is synonymous with innovation in spraybooth development, providing solutions that deliver energy-savings, higher productivity, enhanced performance and ultimately, increased profitability for our customers. The inherent design flexibility and in-house British manufacture allows any paint finishing facility to be tailored to suit individual dimensions and performance requirements.

    For more information on the Junair range of products visit www.junair.co.uk, contact the experienced team on 01706 363 555, or email sales@junair.co.uk.
    Alternatively you can view the full range of spraybooth products and services that Junair Spraybooths offer by visiting our home page.


  • Working at Height

    Anyone with a spraybooth for large or commercial vehicles will have come across the issue of how to access all areas of the paint job in hand. When you’re faced with working at height in a paint spraybooth it can be difficult to know what method of access to use in order to comply with the procedures of working at height, whilst also conforming to the regulations of working in areas at risk of explosion.

    The working at height guidelines state that when you have a high risk of a fall, or when the job has a duration of over 30 minutes, methods other than ladders should be taken into consideration. A wall mounted access platform is ideal in these situations. Using a 3 dimensional platform means that the platform can move on a vertical or horizontal plane, as well as being able to move towards or away from the paint job. This ensures that with minimum time and effort the painter can access the entire job without having to ascend and descend ladders whilst carrying spraying equipment and wearing cumbersome PPE.

    Then there are still the stringent ATEX regulations to take into account. ATEX is an acronym for ATmosphere EXplosive and, as the name would suggest, its regulations are in place to protect workers from explosive atmospheres. An explosive atmosphere is deemed as “an atmosphere containing a mixture of flammable gases, vapours, mists or dust with air, under specific atmospheric conditions in which after ignition has occurred, combustion propagates to the flammable mixture”. In the case of spraybooths this boils down to the fact that certain paints contain flammable solvents which in turn release flammable fumes. In order to mitigate the hazard of explosion ATEX rated equipment is required for use within the spraybooth, this narrows the number of available personnel access platforms down to just those with pneumatic or hydraulic controls.

    Pneumatic and hydraulic access platforms come in a variety of shapes and sizes with a range of benefits from single man lifts working on 2 dimensions through to multi- personnel lifts operating in 3 dimensions, bespoke options are also readily available. When sourcing an access system it’s important to ensure you have completed a risk assessment and are aware of which features are necessary to safeguard your employees.

    “Over the years we have installed a number of personnel lifts into our spraybooths and our customers have definitely been impressed with the increase in productivity as well as being able to ensure the health and safety of their staff.” Jason Douglas, Junair Spraybooths

    As well as the health and safety implications, the personnel lift significantly reduces the time taken to mask, paint and inspect large or commercial vehicles with obvious efficiency benefits, often seeing a return on investment in less than two years.

    “Since installation Junair have been providing on-site product training to ensure that all of our operatives are competent in the correct and safe operation of the pneumatic access platforms. Our operatives find the platforms safe and easy to use and helps them to carry out their jobs efficiently.” Martin Brand, First Glasgow’s Major Repair Business Manager

    A common misconception when looking for manoeuvrable access platforms is that they need to be installed at the same time as the spraybooth. This however is not the case, as long as the paint booth walls are of a reasonable strength they can be retrofitted with minimal disruption.

    For more information on retrofitting an access platform to your spraybooth or finishing equipment, or to find out more about a new commercial vehicle spraybooth or other finishing equipment, visit our website at www.junair.co.uk or contact the experienced sales team on 01706 363 555.


  • Junair install 3 large energy efficient spraybooths for RNLI

    Junair Spraybooths has recently installed and commissioned three bespoke energy efficient spraybooths for the new RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution) All-weather Lifeboat Centre (ALC) in Poole.

    The new ALC will bring the production and maintenance of its fleet in house for the first time in its 191 year history. The ALC will give the RNLI greater cost control and efficiencies which are expected to save more than £3m per year the charity.

    The composites and paint facility houses three bespoke Junair spray booth ovens, in which brand new vessels, refitted boats and repairs can be repaired, painted and baked.

    Big Booths for Big Boats

    Of the three spray booths installed, the two larger booths each measure 20 meters in length and 10 meters in both height and width to accommodate the largest lifeboats. An air handling unit rated at 70,000m3/hr has been fitted to each spraybooth ensuring high levels of airflow in accordance with legislative requirements. To aid usability multiple service areas have been installed in the booth, including high level booms, providing the booths with compressed air, electrics and breathing lines to ensure all areas of the spray booth have access to necessary services.

    The smallest of the three booths has been designed to accommodate component parts and smaller boats and measures 20m x 7m x 7m high. This booth is fitted with an air handling unit rated at 50,000m3/hr.

    Energy Efficient Spray Booths
    For increased energy efficiency and temperature uniformity in the bake cycle, two of the booths have been fitted with Junair’s patented QADs, an auxiliary air movement system designed to accelerate the air movement from the corners and centre of the cabin during the flash off and bake cycles. The unique QADs system speeds up drying times and reduces the all-important energy costs and process times associated with running a spraybooth. 16 QADs towers have been installed in total, ensuring full coverage in the booths. Variable speed drives have also been fitted to alter the airflow volume to suit the process further increasing the efficiency.

    Additional energy saving strategies include automatically switching off lights in bake mode, which are then relit once the cycle has completed. High levels of lighting are achieved by 14 vertical light towers fitted around the perimeter of each of the booths with two ceiling strips along the length.Energy efficient spray booths for the RNLI

    As well as the three booths the RNLI ALC now also boasts a paint mix room, a paint store and a shot blast booth for parts.

    Angus Trenholme, Technical Director, commented “We were delighted to be approached by RNLI to help out with their new ‘All-weather Lifeboat Centre’. When we initially worked with the RNLI to specify these booths we were fully aware of the importance of the long term energy efficiency of the spraybooths especially with the RNLI being a charitable organisation, which is why we recommended using our QADS.”

    Chloe Parmiter, Logistics Manager, RNLI comments “The new All-weather Lifeboat Centre gives greater control of costs and quality and has created 90 new employment opportunities in Poole, including apprenticeships in marine engineering and boat building.”

    Contact Junair for spraybooth services
    For further information about any of the spraybooth repair and maintenance services we offer, email us at sales@junair.co.uk or contact our experienced team on 01706 363 555.


  • Junair install a state of the art paint finishing line for Airedale

    With over 40 years’ experience Airedale are a leading supplier of air-conditioning units, exporting to over 60 countries worldwide. Unfortunately in 2014 the Airedale facility was consumed by a catastrophic fire completely destroying their production facility. In the aftermath of the fire Airedale soon realised that they could turn this to their benefit by commissioning a state of the art paint finishing line and completely revolutionising their facility.

    In order to ensure that Airedale could continue limited manufacturing, whilst their new factory was being rebuilt, Junair installed a manual powder coating facility with a box oven and overhead product handling facility at a temporary manufacturing site. On completion of the new factory, the manual coating equipment was relocated and is now being used for larger products and one off units.

    The brand new state of the art factory now includes a fully automated powder coating line, comprising of a powered overhead conveyor, a high temperature tunnel curing oven and a fully automatic powder coating booth with powder reclamation and fast colour change. The conveyor system was specified to a high level to include a fully automatic lubrication and tensioning system ensuring its longevity. The entire layout of the conveyor was redesigned to include large radius curves and to minimise floor columns for the supporting steelwork, ensuring longer items can pass through the paint line. The whole plant was optimised to ensure the process is more workable and units are easier to load and unload from the powder coating line.

    The thermally efficient cure oven used to cure the air conditioning units, has proven to have an extremely even temperature curve, ensuring consistency of output and the energy efficiency of the plant. The oven has 150mm high density installation to walls and roof for optimum efficiency, and has been fitted with modern specification burner systems.

    The complete line was designed in accordance with Gema who provided the latest in powder coating application, recovery and fast colour change facility.

    As the equipment is housed within the main manufacturing area, and the new plant forms part of the factory tour, the installation was therefore required to be well finished and aesthetically pleasing.

    Angus Trenholme, Technical Director, Junair Spraybooths commented “The fire at Airedale was devastating to the factory, however they’ve managed to turn things around and now own a world class manufacturing facility. Straight from handover Airedale reported a full rate of production. We’ve managed to turn a tragedy into a success story.”

    Get in touch with Junair Spraybooths for a range of different spraybooth solutions, helping you to improve production and manufacturing. For further details on Junair’s products and services you can contact a member of the team directly on tel01706 363 555 or email sales@junair.co.uk.


  • Junair install a 31 meter 9 series spraybooth for Hitachi Rail

    Junair Spraybooths has recently installed a 9 series commercial vehicle spray booth oven for Hitachi Rail, an internationally renowned supplier of trains. Hitachi Rail supplies rolling stock including metro, commuter, intercity and high-speed trains. The recent installation comprised of a 31 meter 9 series spraybooth oven large enough to accommodate the latest Hitachi rail vehicles.

    An iSystem touch control pre-programmed with bake cycles was fitted to operate the spray booth. Hitachi Rail can now be confident of ensuring paint jobs are not over or under cured as operators can select from a list of coatings used and the most efficient cure profile is automatically executed. The iSystem also balances the air pressure within the cabin ensuring adherence with COSHH regulations.

    Two Junair pneumatically powered Alfa-Lifts were fitted inside the spray booth for access to all areas of the trains painted surfaces. The Alfalifts’ easy-to-use controls are located inside the cage, comprising of three levers allowing the operator to manoeuvre the platform on all 3 axis for maximum accessibility. The Alfalift platform ensures the ideal working position. Less physical strain to the operative ensures productivity levels are maintained.

    As always, the safety of the operators is paramount; the Alfa lift complies with Health and Safety regulations for both lifting platforms and spray booths. Powered using only compressed air the Alfa-Lift is ideal for use in explosion and fire risk areas such as spray booth ovens.

    Energy Efficiency
    Hitachi Rail’s 9 series spray booth has 32 Junair patented QADs auxiliary air movement towers. QADs is an advanced air movement system designed to dramatically improve drying times by agitating air within the booth on flash off and cure cycles.

    Automatic variable speed drives have been fitted to adjust the airflow to suit the process cycle being undertaken in the booth. The full air flow rate is only required for spraying, all other activities can be carried out with reduced airflow significantly decreasing running costs.

    Fuel saver mode provides full fresh air intake for paint application and automatically switches to recirculation mode when in other modes such as idle, loading, preparation, flash off and bake. This in turn dramatically reduces air-heating costs.

    High, mid and low level LED lighting within the booth provides excellent, natural light, visibility as well as a fantastic energy saving compared to standard booth lighting.

    Additional Equipment

    In addition to the 9 series spray booth a bespoke paint mix room and ventilated mixing bench was also supplied.

    Jason Douglas, Sales Director at Junair Spraybooths commented: “When I first visited the Hitachi Rail Vehicle Manufacturing Facility it was immediately apparent that a 9 series spray booth was required. As you can imagine the running costs of such a large booth are significant so ensuring that the booth is as energy efficient as possible was front of mind when we submitted the initial design.”

    For more information on the Junair Spraybooths and ancillary equipment visit www.junair.co.uk, email sales@junair.co.uk or call our experienced team on 01706 363555.


  • State-of-the-art manufacturing plant for Magna Hartlip

    Magna Interior Systems are a global tier 1 supplier to the automotive industry, with sites spanning 29 countries. Their vision is to deliver value to customers through innovative processes and world class manufacturing. The Magna factory at Hartlip, Kent identified a need to expand their production facilities to support the growth of their key OEM clients and commissioned a fully automated solution. Junair were successful in securing the order based on a reputation of delivering innovation and state-of-the art, fully bespoke process systems. Junair Overhead conveyor

    The aim of the project was to provide a state-of-the-art facility incorporating cutting edge technology to apply adhesive to upholstery used in the automotive industry. The brief required consistently top quality results ensuring the final finish of the vehicle interiors is high spec and premium quality.

    Not only have Junair achieved this, but as the factory only had a small area for the process to fit into, the whole process line was designed and installed on an exceptionally small footprint. The entire facility was configured to allow optimum material flow into and out of the adjacent clients press facilities.

    Overhead Power and Free Conveyor

    The custom-made process line uses a sophisticated power and free overhead conveyor system, allowing specific details and information to be stored on RFID tags on each individual flight bar. The specific process details are entered onto a touch screen control panel which controls process routing and holds information such as process timings and product type. All options can be controlled and adjusted with the easy-to-use pre-programmed recipe system. Junair Conveyor 2

    The power and free conveyor allows maximum flexibility for the process ensuring the movement of the products is optimised for the process at any given stage. The client also had the benefit of two completely separate sets of work hangers to cater for different product groups.

    Manual Deionising Area

    The product passes into a manual deionising area to ensure that they are free from any contaminants prior to moving on to the next stage of the process. Any contaminants on the product may hinder adhesion, or impact on the final quality of finish.

    Enclosed Spraybooth

    Once contaminant free, the upholstery is then passed through a fully enclosed spraybooth. A robotic adhesive spray application system using a bespoke adhesive pumping system is used to coat the product in adhesive, ensuring a uniform application.

    The spraybooth has a very high capacity exhaust overspray collection to ensure the maximum holding capacity, and hence, airflow stability in the process.


    Junair Cure Oven logoThe adhesive coated product is then passed through a cure oven to ensure the upholstery can be put in position with minimal fuss. The cure oven is temperature controlled and the dwell time in the oven is pre-programmed into the flight bars, ensuring consistency of the end product. Once curing has taken place, the products are then offloaded from the overhead conveyor.

    Adhesive Pump/Mix Room

    An adhesive pump room is situated adjacent to the process line, ensuring that the consistency of the adhesive is at an optimum level for product performance. Due to the tacky nature of adhesive, a specially engineered pump was required to ensure no clogging of materials within the process.

    Angus Trenholme, Technical Director at Junair Spraybooths, commented, “We initially won this project because of our reputation for innovation and supplying state-of-the-art process systems. We definitely achieved that at Magna. Their new facility is a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant, built in a relatively small space to a very tight timescale. The team at Junair certainly proved themselves on this project.”

    Throughout the entire project, Junair worked in conjunction with Magna’s suppliers including robotics and conveyor manufacturers to ensure the smooth delivery of the process line with minimum disruption to the client.

    Junair’s Technical, Design and Installation teams worked closely with the client, understanding their needs and objectives, and ensuring all key requirements were met within budget and within an extremely tight timescale.


  • State of the art paint finishing facility - from Junair Spraybooths

    Junair Spraybooths, in collaboration with a major automotive tier 1 supplier of carbon composites, have designed, engineered and installed a complete paint finishing facility on their site in Hungary.

    This new facility is a bespoke solution conceived and developed, in conjunction with the client, to ensure the overall end result met with demanding customer objectives and expectations.

    Meeting Customer Demands with Turn Key Solutions

    A New Efficient Process Line
    The aim of the project was to provide an integrated finishing facility incorporating a sophisticated material handling solution and high levels of automation with cutting edge technology to provide an efficient, high quality paint facility which delivers consistently high quality results. Challenges in the project included the very special and specific temperature and humidity requirements for the paints being applied, plus the client’s extremely high yield objective, far in excess of industry norms. Not only have Junair delivered this but they have also managed to design the complete system to an aesthetically high standard, using clean white panelling, large viewing windows and excellent ambient lighting levels. The entire air handling plant was mezzanine mounted above the production facility to maximise space utilisation. The paint facility is the centrepiece of the client factory tour.

    Power and Free Conveyor
    This highly engineered process line utilises a sophisticated power and free conveyor, with a control system allowing paint details and product information to be tagged to each individual flight bar at the main operator load area. The process information is simply entered on to an HMI touch screen control panel which controls process routing and holds information such as product type, paint colour and process timings for each individual unit. All options are adjusted and controlled by means of the easy to use preprogramed recipe system which can handle up to 250 separate configurations.

    The power and free conveyor allows individual units to pass through multiple loops of each stage of the paint process in order to achieve 1, 2 or 3 coats and then move on to separate flash off and cure zones, dependent on the preprogramed information on the flight bar.

    Robotic Paint process
    The paint is applied to the carbon composite unit by a 6 axis robot situated inside a dedicated paint spraybooth. The robot is fitted with a twin spray gun set up to allow separate paint systems to be used for different applications. The air temperature and humidity within the spraybooth is strictly controlled ensuring an even and consistent finish. The supply air is also chilled to reduce temperature and humidity when required.

    Dry Filter Extraction
    The spraybooth features an advanced dry filter extraction system utilising ultra-high capacity replaceable dry filters. These technologically advanced dry filters allow a reduction in filter change frequency from the industry standard of 3 to 4 days to an impressive 8 weeks due to the high holding capacity and free flow characteristics.

    These high capacity filters achieve extremely steady airflow conditions within the spraybooth and provide an exceptionally stable pressure balance.

    High efficiency bag filters have also been fitted to the extraction system in order to meet the stringent local environmental conditions.

    Manual Spray Booth
    A separate manual spray booth was integrated into the plant design to undertake any necessary on-line touch-ins and paint repairs whilst maintaining the same production conditions. The air temperature and humidity conditions of the manual spraybooth are engineered to exactly mirror those of the conveyorised booth in order to ensure maximum product consistency. Junair’s Ultralux lighting has been designed to provide bright shadow free painting conditions.

    Flash Off & Cure
    temperature controlThe painted carbon composite units then move to one of two temperature and humidity controlled holding zones within the flash off area dependent on the HMI programmed flight bar.

    Painted parts can then either loop back around the paint process, if a further coat is required, or enter a temperature controlled curing oven. The dwell time within the cure oven is preprogramed and is fully adjustable to suit the process required. A final cool down of the composite parts completes the cycle prior to parts being sent off to the quality control zone.

    This sophisticated material handling process was designed to maximise the quality of the composite parts. Features such as a fully enclosed pre-cleaning booth and an anti-static deionising air knife were integrated into the design to ensure the best possible finish. A clean room corridor runs along the length of the facility, including air shower for controlled access, ensuring the process line is kept contaminant free.

    Exceeding Expectations
    Angus Trenholme, Technical Director. “Our main objectives for the new paint finishing facility were to increase the efficiency and consistency of the finishing process. We initially won this contract as a result of our reputation for technical ability and experience in this area. I’m delighted with the results of the new process line, our in house design team were able to lean on their extensive experience to create a cutting edge facility that exceeded our customers’ expectations.”

    The turnkey project was designed in conjunction with the client’s requirements, manufactured on site at the Junair factory and project managed to completion on site in Hungary.

    For more information view our complete range of automotive spraybooth equipment call our experienced team on 01706 363 555 to discuss your requirements.