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SG62TU Hertfordshire
United Kingdom

Gentex Europe is a UK manufacturer with over 100 years’ experience in the production of head, face, and respiratory protection for industrial, military, and public order environments.

Our brand is synonymous with providing the highest levels of protection for personnel working in hazardous situations.

Our innovative designs provide integrated respiratory, head, face, and eye protection against industry hazards, while enhancing end user mobility, comfort and workplace performance.

PureFlo® Industrial Respirators
Comfort, Quality & Trust
PureFlo respirators are among the highest-performing and most cost effective protective systems available on the market today. Proven and used throughout the world in a wide variety of heavy and light duty industries, and by numerous multi-national organisations, our wide range of respirators can be configured to match your exact needs.

● Full respiratory, head and face protection
● Cost effective products
● Fully customisable
● Fully approved and certified
● Manufactured in the UK
● Comprehensive training and support
● Calibration and servicing

Suitable for use in multiple industries and environments including:
● Pharmaceutical
● Petrochemical
● Healthcare
● Laboratories
● Food Production
● Welding
● Smelting
● Construction
● Engineering
● Agriculture