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Tebis UK Ltd

Tebis UK Ltd


CV12TT Coventry
United Kingdom

Tebis provides digital manufacturing technology, CAD/CAM/MES software and associated services for mechanical component, model, pattern, tool die and mould manufacture, serving aerospace, automotive, motorsport, oil & gas industries etc.

Tebis CAD/CAM/MES software offers world leading advanced technologies for manufacturing process standardisation, automation and shop floor equipment and resources monitoring, production planning and control.

Tebis unique Virtual Machine technology supports machining setup and planning, collision-free CNC toolpath calculation, simulation and verification. This is especially beneficial to customers for 5-axis milling, trimming, laser cutting, mill-turn as well as robotic machining.
Tebis unique knowledge-based machining technology supports database libraries of machine tools, cutting tools, cutting parameters, CNC toolpath templates and machining process templates. This allows customers’ best machining practices to be built into Tebis database, which reduces the work pressure on CAM engineers whilst ensuring the best results.

Tebis is renowned for generating highly efficient and reliable toolpaths while ensuring very high product quality. Our customers include Aston Martin, JLR, Bentley, Interform, APH3G, Airbus, UTC Aerospace Systems, Liebherr, Porsche, Audi, Daimler, BMW, VW, Tesla, Ford, Opel, Chrysler, Seat, Volvo, Saab, Honda, Toyota and Hyundai, etc.


Product news

  • Tebis hosts over 700 visitors at latest open house event

    This year’s Tebis open house took place on the 8th and 9th of May 2019 at Tebis’ headquarters in Martinsried, Germany.
    More than 700 visitors had the opportunity to find out about trends and topics in the fields of modelling, moulding, tooling and mechanical engineering.

    During the two-day event the focus was on Tebis’ top news items, including Version 4.1 of its software and NC calculation as well as the current Tebis Version 4.0 Release 7.

    In addition, the event presented innovative approaches for 5-axis milling and demonstrated how manufacturing projects can be planned and controlled efficiently with the ProLeiS MES system, as well as more discussions including:

    Preparing the future with a full range of die and mould manufacturing
    Tebis automation for plastic mould making
    Developing project management and management structures for efficient manufacturing
    Structuring the manufacturing processes across multiple sites
    The new Tebis Version 4.1 represents: parametric/associative design capabilities and these new functions are also optimally customised for manufacturing requirements. Equipment design and manufacturing preparation will enable optimisations to become even faster and more effective in data preparation or the design of moulds, tools, models and fixtures.

    As with every year, the high-profile presentation program represents a special highlight, with the top local and international presenters including Tebis’ customers and Tebis’ product managers. There was also a special program for this year in the form of a live podium discussion which discussed the subject of: “Agile Structures in Model, Tool and Mould Construction”, presented by Susanne Schroeder, editor-in-chief of Form and Tool.

    Visitors had the opportunity to make contacts through Tebis’ extensive customer and partner network.

  • New Tebis solution: Automated multi-axis deburring

    The new Tebis solution for automated multi-axis deburring enables you to greatly reduce manual reworking on the part. This also enables you to significantly better tap into the capabilities of your machines. Fabian Jud, Tebis product manager, says: "Many companies still deburr manually today. With our solution, which is suitable for machining with ball cutters or tapered cutters, the NC programmer automatically generates the toolpaths in the CAD/CAM software – deburring is performed by the machine." The new solution is extremely simple. It is fully integrated in Tebis template technology. Preparation and milling functions are optimally harmonised.“

    Get in touch with the team today to arrange a demonstration! Simply click here- https://www.tebis.com/uk/en/contact/contact-form/ and fill out the form. We will be happy to help you.

    For information contact Tebis team:
    Tebis (UK) Ltd
    Tel: 02476 158178
    Email: info-uk@tebis.com