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Vibration Research UK

Vibration Research UK


SP6 1RB 53 Allen Water Drive, Fordingbridge, Hampshire SP6 1RB
United Kingdom

Vibration Research (VR) is the innovator in vibration testing control, field data acquisition, and dynamic signal analysis. Our VR9500 Vibration Controller and tightly integrated VibrationVIEW software are used in testing labs around the world, working with electrodynamic, servo-hydraulic, and servo-electric shakers; control options include includes single-axis, dual axis, dual phase, three-axis, multi-loop, and seismic control. Advanced functions – including iDOF®, FDS, FDR, and Kurtosion® - solve vibration testing’s most troublesome issues, such as over testing, under testing and predicting a product’s point of fatigue failure.
The new ObserVR1000 Dynamic Signal Analyzer captures, displays, and analyzes field data, controlled by the VR Mobile smartphone app or ObserVIEW software running on a tablet, laptop, or PC. Handling up to 16 channels of transducer input at high sampling rates, the ObserVR1000 also supports microphone, GPS, and tachometer options. You can even time-synch recorded data with video files for unique insights and exceptional reports.
Come by our booth to see these cutting edge solutions and discuss your testing and analysis requirements with VR’s industry experts.