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RDP Electronics Ltd

RDP Electronics Ltd


WV10 0PY Wolverhampton
United Kingdom

RDP Electronics Ltd is a UK company that manufactures and markets transducers and instrumentation for the measurement of displacement, force, pressure and torque.
For displacement (or position) measurement we are a world leader in the manufacture of LVDT transducers as well as marketing a range of industrial magnetostrictive sensors. These technologies are both fundamentally contactless and provide superb reliability and resolution. Full scale ranges run from 1mm to 7.6m.
For load cells (force or weight), fluid pressure and torque (reaction or rotating) we offer strain-gauge technology from Honeywell’s Sensotec and Lebow ranges.
Load cell full scale ranges run from 250g to over 1000 tonnes. Pressure transducers (gauge, absolute or differential) are available with full scales from 35mbar to over 10000 bar. Torque transducers and systems have full scale capabilities from 70mNm to 2500Nm.
Our associated instrumentation, physically separate or integral to the transducer, offers analogue voltage, 4 to 20mA, RS232, RS485, SSI and a variety of fieldbus types. Additional features such as scalable displays, trips and data-logging are all available.
We offer general industrial designs but also have established solutions for applications involving high temperature, radiation, high pressure and long-term subsea installation.
We design, develop and manufacture at our Wolverhampton factory and are fully capable of designing custom transducers to suit specific environments and applications.


Product news

  • RDP has custom design capability

    RDP is a UK company with design and manufacture carried out at our main site in Wolverhampton. We are willing and able to propose custom designs, including where quantities are small, to satisfy demanding requirements especially in hostile environments.