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T Cards Direct

T Cards Direct


ME195BP West Malling

A proven management tool to help keep track, allocate and improve efficiency.

Simple to install and even easier to use, planning your work load could not be easier. T Cards Direct will have several standard boards on display.

Systems are tailored made to suit your application. So T Cards Direct offers a free design service. It could not be easier! “Information at a Glance” is key to the successful running of any department or organization; and T Cards do that in a clear and precise way. Drop by and see how they can work for you.


Product news

  • T Cards APP Launched October 2018

    Most companies will be familiar with the tried and tested method of managing workload with a manual T Card Board. The visual, tangible nature of the system is ideal for managing Engineering tasks. Having such a low cost, efficient, method of workflow is often a vital cog in the running of a successful business or department.
    T Cards Direct have supplied and designed manual T Cards for over 60 years, and have developed an online version that mirrors the simplicity of the manual boards. This can be shown on large screens and desktops simultaneously giving users the most up to date information.
    The last 8 years has seen many additional features and developments, often at the request of clients. Attaching files, creating alarms, task allocation, activity review and analysis have all been made easier with recent updates. T Cards Online can also be integrated with other software packages using the Rest API, so tasks can be created and updated automatically. This avoids duplication but provides so much more useful visual information.
    Now the mobile APP has arrived to make it easier for users, not necessarily office based, to keep tack and update workflow.
    “As a well-established company we have always strived to provide cost effective solutions for our clients. The T Cards APP is just another demonstration of this.
    The manual T Boards are still a very popular option for businesses and I think there will always be a requirement for them as a “GoTo” board. However, the T Cards Online system with the new APP offers this and a lot more. Clients often need a more dynamic option to help co-ordinate tasks and control workflow.
    We regularly get complemented on how easy and simple the system is to setup and use.
    Being able to access the same T Boards from different locations will be a great advantage whether on site, in the office or in transit.”
    Setup and Configuration is done from the main licence on the website. The App can then be downloaded via user login details with a unique QR code. Any future changes on the APP are then simultaneously updated to the main licence for anyone to see.
    The full, no obligation, free 21 day trial is a great way to demo and get the system formatted to reflect clients requirements. Licences are available from as little as £5.00 per month + VAT. The App will be available from October 2018.


  • T Cards Online - the simple way to improve efficiency

    T Cards Online the web based T Card system


  • T Cards Online for Logistics Company

    The Web Based System used to great effect managing containers across the world

  • KANBAN Starter Packs

    Get control of inventory NOW! The quickest and simplest way to manage stocks

  • Muster Stations

    Providing information and communicating with staff and colleagues in the workplace is essential, particularly when hazards or incidents occur which may lead to an evacuation. Where staff are made vulnerable in dangerous or high risk environments, keeping track is absolutely crucial. T Card Muster Stations are a clear a visual tool for communicating who is in which area.
    The weather proof cabinets with plastic T Cards provide a way of displaying who is where in a simple, common sense method. These are used all over the world from the North Sea to the Middle East, West Africa and Malaysia.
    In some military installations printed T Cards are used to remind personnel of evacuation procedures and different coloured T Cards reflect different jobs or skills for example first aiders.