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Smart Tooling Division Of Spintech, Llc

Smart Tooling Division Of Spintech, Llc


45385 XENIA [OH]
United States

Smart Tooling provides formable, reusable tooling solutions for manufacturing composite parts with complex geometries that improve quality, reduce labor hours, decrease consumables, and increase through-put. In other words, Smart Tools allow composite parts to be made Better, Cheaper, Faster!

Smart Tools are made in the net geometry of the composite part minus composite thickness and can be made in 360° or profile shapes. After a release film is applied, composite material can be placed directly onto the rigid Smart Tool.

As temperatures are elevated for cure, profile and 360° Smart Tools that act as bladders during cure become elastomeric and translate pressure onto the composite part surface to improve quality. While still elastomeric, 360° Smart Tools are easily removed from the cured composite part and can be reformed and reused. Profile Smart Tools can be removed from cured composite parts at room temperature after relieving tension between the Smart Tool and the cured composite part and then heated, reformed, and reused.

Our 360° Smart Tools that act as mandrels during cure are perfect for two stage composite cures. During the initial composite cure at 121°C (250°F), the Smart Tool remains rigid and sets the inner mold line geometry of the composite part. Then, as the temperature is being elevated to perform a post cure of the composite part at 177°C (350°F), the Smart Tool becomes elastic and can easily be removed from the cured composite part, reformed and reused.

Go to smarttooling.com for more information on all of our composite tooling solutions.