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Roaches International LTD

Roaches International LTD


WF179LN Birstall
United Kingdom

Roaches International is a UK based engineering company with over thirty years of experience of designing and manufacturing autoclaves to meet our customer’s requirements.

The range of autoclaves is extensive, from 0.5m Diameter up to 6m Diameters and many are bespoke designs to suit a particular need. Where Roaches excel is the willingness to undertake almost any project and just because the solution may be bespoke, this doesn’t mean it carries a high price tag. We have to be realistic and understand the cost effectiveness in the market place.

Roaches International, along with our control partners Adaptive Control Solutions, with a flexible and creative design approach, will manufacture autoclaves and ovens to suit all specifications and budgets.

The expertise that Roaches and Adaptive have accumulated over the years in various industry sectors makes us your ideal partners in Autoclave Technologies.