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Permabond is a manufacturer of engineering adhesives providing bonding solutions throughout industries using composites for light weight product design. Adhesives offer an effective way of joining composites, helping maintain the structural integrity and performance of your composite material, whilst giving a high-strength, high performance bond and an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Our composites adhesives range includes polyurethanes, single and two part epoxies developed for bonding carbon fibre and other composites as well as rapid curing and gap filling structural acrylics. Visit our stand to discuss your specific requirements. If possible, bring your components with you and we will be happy to help you find the best adhesive for your application


Product news

  • Permabond Launches TA4207 - A new fast cure, high strength acrylic for carbon fibre & other composites

    Permabond TA4207 expands our existing range of methyl methacrylate (MMA) adhesives, and is a 2-part, 1:1 mix ratio product, which achieves very high shear strengths on a wide range of metals, plastics and composites, including carbon fibre, with little or no surface preparation! In laboratory tests, our chemists have even achieved substrate failure on difficult materials like PET-G, with minimal acetone/IPA degrease. TA4207 also performs very well on metals, cutting through oxide layers to form incredibly strong bonds with the parent material and even achieve high shear strengths on unprepared oily steel!

    Features & Benefits:
    • Little or no surface preparation required.
    • Fast cure (fixture time 8-10 mins)
    • Very high strength on stainless steel, steel, aluminium, galvanised zinc & plastics
    • High strength on hot-dip galvanised steel, electro-plated zinc & carbon fibre
    • High temperature resistance (150°C continuous)
    • Excellent environmental resistance
    • Convenient 1:1 mix ratio
    • Easy dispensing, with or without nozzles & guns

    TA4207 is available in handy 25ml syringes, removing the need for a dispensing gun as well as in standard 50ml and 400ml cartridges (for use with guns). It is also available in bulk on request, for high speed production lines.

    To discuss your application with an engineer, please contact info.europe@permabond.com or telephone +44(0)1962 711661. Alternatively, visit www.permabond.co.uk, where further information can be found and samples are available from our online shop.