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MSA Manufacturing Ltd

MSA Manufacturing Ltd


BH217SE Wimborne
United Kingdom

Independent UK Added value material and Composite Kitting supplier for OEMs /Tier 1 composite part manufacturers.
We specialise in:
• CNC Knife (Ply) Cutting, Slitting and Kitting of 2D and 3D fabric reinforcement, prepreg, adhesive film, peel-ply and surface veils.
• CNC Machining/ Milling / Waterjet cutting of Core and Composite plate material.
• 2D and 3D Preform kit assembly.
• Digital Engineering Services - Kit designing; Surface flattening; 3D scanning, 2D digitising; reverse engineering; prototyping.
• Certification: LRQA ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and JOSCAR Stage 2 accredited.


Product news

  • MSA Manufacturing Exhibiting at Advanced Engineering Show 2018

    MSA Manufacturing Ltd. (MSA), based in Wimborne, Dorset, is once again at the Advanced Engineering Show (N107) to promote its extensive CNC cutting, slitting, 2D preforming and sequenced kitting capabilities for a wide range of glass and carbon fabrics, both dry reinforcements and prepregs, along with 3 & 5 axis CNC machining and kitting of cores for manufacturing composite parts. MSA also waterjet cuts and kits metal, honeycomb and phenolic sheet, plus other composite materials, such e-glass, carbon and ballistic plate.

    MSA is ISO 9001/ 14001 and JOSCAR accredited, supplying leading OEMs and tier 1/2 manufacturers of hi-tech composite components and finished products for the marine, renewable energy, defence and aerospace industries. Small and large scale material parts are produced for moulding components as small as brackets for a composite bicycle frame up to complete kits for infusing structural sections in the hulls and decks of luxury superyachts and renewable energy blades.

    MSA finds clever ways to provide time and cost saving material solutions without compromising on build quality, reducing lead times and improving productivity, as well as minimising scrap, waste disposal and administration costs. Services offered go beyond cutting and supplying accurate, high quality kit parts. Additional customer benefits include: 3D scanning, reverse engineering; surface flattening; managing material stocks for reliable delivery; organising kits to meet customer needs.

    In-house production facilities enable MSA to supply a wide range of machined, cut and shaped parts. Prepregs and reinforcement fabrics up to 2.5 metres wide can be cut to size, with roll slitting to provide tapes in custom widths down to 25mm. Waterjet cutting machines can handle composite plates and other sheet materials up to 100mm x 4 x 3 metres, with CNC milling up to 2.44 x 1.22 metres.

    www.msafg.co.uk T: +44 1202 850440 E : info@msamfg.co.uk