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Keighley Laboratories Ltd

Keighley Laboratories Ltd


BD21 1EG Keighley
United Kingdom

Keighley Laboratories Limited - Specialists in the Analysis, Testing and Heat Treatment of Metals

Working with today’s internationally demanding industries Keighley Laboratories delivers technical excellence in the areas of sub-contract production heat treatments, metallurgical testing and laboratory analysis to its customers. Keighley Laboratories has extensive experience gained from working in partnership with companies within industries such as Aerospace, Defence, Automotive, Marine, Rail, Oil and Gas etc.

Experienced technicians and quality accreditations ensure your products are fit for purpose.

Nadcap and BSI EN ISO 9001 AS 9100 rev D approved for Heat Treatment Services

UKAS 17025 and Nadcap Materials Testing approved for Technical Services with significant aerospace approvals including Airbus, Rolls-Royce, Safran, Bombardier, CAA and BAE Systems.

Metallurgical Testing and Laboratory Services include:
Weld Testing, Mechanical Testing, Metallography, PMI/Alloy Verification, Non-Destructive Testing, Chemical Analysis, Corrosion Testing, Problem and Failure Investigation (including expert witness), Foundry Consultancy.

Heat Treatment Services include:
Gaseous Nitriding, Annealing/Normalising, ADI - Austempered Ductile Iron, Carbonitriding, Carburising/Case Hardening, Hardening & Tempering, Induction Hardening, Martempering, Ferritic Nitrocarburising (Tufftride), Stress Relieving, Gaseous Nitrocarburising


Product news

  • A Cracking Solution

    Keighley Laboratories Limited offers a range of AS9100 (Rev D) accredited Heat Treatment processes and the expertise to provide bespoke processing of components, whilst also providing technical support to offer solutions to eliminate cracking, distortion or low hardness issues.

    The Heat Treatment department was recently contacted by a new customer who was seeking support to overcome cracking problems they were experiencing with some large gears.

    Heat Treatment Induction Supervisor, Mark Wilson explained,
    “The customer required help to solve a cracking problem on the outside of the gears at the root of the teeth. Keighley Labs was able to provide technical support and advice on the large gears, each measuring 1600mm diameter. We were able to offer a bespoke service which consisted of preparation of specialised tooling and set up, tooth by tooth contour hardening, followed by tempering to the required hardness. Our customer was delighted with the results and the expedited turnaround speed of three working days.”

    In addition to providing customer support and problem solving advice, Keighley Laboratories’ Induction facility has the capability to Induction Harden large gears up to 3000mm diameter. Induction inspection staff are qualified to PCN Level 2 Magnetic Particle Inspection. As stresses are inherent in most materials, this allows any pre or post induction hardening (or softening) flaws to be readily identified and discussed with the customer prior to treatment.

    Keighley Labs can also provide UKAS ISO 17025 metallurgical analysis, testing and customer support for individual problems and performance enhancement utilising a range of Heat Treatment processes.

    See the Keighley Laboratories team on stand L150 at Advanced Engineering 2019
    Visit www.keighleylabs.co.uk for more information or email info@keighleylabs.co.uk

    • 1600mm diameter gear being prepared for Induction Hardening
    • IN ATTACHED PDF: Treated gear in situ at Liverpool Docks

  • Keighley Laboratories Flying High with Aerospace Expansions

    Keighley Laboratories Limited is proving its wealth of expertise as the company seeks to expand on its vast service portfolio of Metallurgical Testing, Analysis & Heat Treatment.

    The latest addition of a Leco ONH836 Gas Analyser to Keighley Labs Chemical Laboratory allows for the robust analysis of materials using Inert Gas Fusion, enabling Oxygen, Nitrogen & Hydrogen analysis. Using this technique, Titanium based alloys are currently in the process of being added to the UKAS 17025 scope of laboratory accreditations. Once fully accredited, Keighley Labs can offer analysis of Titanium, in addition to Iron & Nickel based alloys, to the Aerospace Industry. The numerous quality & Aerospace approvals required to fully support the Aerospace Supply Chain are not held as extensively elsewhere in the UK as those held by Keighley Labs.

    Keighley Labs has also invested in additional equipment in the machining department, including a new CNC Lathe, to facilitate the quicker turnaround of Tensile Testing to optimise supply chain lead times. Furthermore, Keighley Labs has increased its Heat Treatment inspection capacity with the addition of a new Hardness Tester & a Non-Destructive Testing line to the Induction Department. Inspection staff are qualified to PCN Level 2 Magnetic Particle Inspection. As stresses are inherent in most materials, this allows any pre or post induction hardening (or softening) flaws to be readily identified & discussed with the customer prior to treatment.

    Debbie Mellor, Manager Director, explained,
    “We’ve also completed the investment programme of updating our furnace controls, allowing optimum process visibility and control of atmosphere. This ensures Aerospace equivalent standards are applied to our commercial production, which in turn ensures high quality of product. Along with further investments, we have also sought to increase our approval base, with recent Magellan Aerospace and Collins Aerospace approvals.”

  • Engineers Association Visit Keighley Laboratories

    Keighley Laboratories were proud to host a recent visit for delegates from Keighley’s Association of Engineers.

    13 members of the Association arrived on site for in-depth tours of the company, getting to grips with how Keighley Labs’ Metallurgical Analysis, Testing and Heat Treatment services provide specialist services to not only local companies, but also nationwide.

    Debbie Mellor, Managing Director said,
    “As the Company has a historical relationship with the Association, it is fantastic to be able to demonstrate how we provide the highest quality service in our Metallurgical Analysis, Testing and Heat Treatment services across a wide range of industries. I am a strong believer in promoting Engineering and Manufacturing, and to have a delegation of local engineers understand the breadth of what the Company does was a great opportunity.”

    The visitors were shown numerous processes at Keighley Laboratories and also got the opportunity to speak to staff both on a managerial and shop floor level.

    Sandy Maclure, a member of the Keighley Association of Engineers said,
    “The staff at Keighley Laboratories were very enthusiastic and it was fantastic to see young faces in today’s engineering workplace. Everyone was able to explain what they do and understood it to the best possible level.”

    Mrs Mellor continued,
    “It was an excellent opportunity for Keighley Laboratories to demonstrate its expertise across all aspects of the business, as well as providing local engineers with a chance to interact with our employees in an interesting and insightful way.”

    Tensile Test demo shows visitors watching a Tensile Test demonstration.

  • Keighley Laboratories Achieves Nadcap Accreditation

    Nadcap accreditation for Materials Testing Laboratory has been achieved by Keighley Labs as a result of efforts invested in meeting stringent industry and customer requirements.
    Matthew Mellor, Technical Services Director at Keighley Labs said,
    “Our Technical Services team has worked extremely hard to demonstrate continual improvement in our quality and procedures. This achievement is important for Keighley Labs as it demonstrates our commitment to delivering the highest standards of Material Testing services as required by our customers, particularly those from the aerospace sector.”
    Michael J Hayward, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at the Performance Review Institute said,
    “Congratulations to Keighley Laboratories Limited for gaining Nadcap accreditation in recognition of their compliant Materials Testing Laboratory activities, which have been acknowledged as satisfying stringent industry and customer requirements.”

  • Double Success for Keighley Labs

    Having one accreditation assessment is a stressful time for any business but Keighley Laboratories Limited is proud to have successfully completed two assessments just two weeks apart.
    The Heat Treatment division of Keighley Labs first underwent an intensive, week long assessment from BSI, successfully transitioning to AS9100 Rev D / ISO 9001:2015. This revised standard focusses on quality and continuous improvement being at the heart of the business.
    Debbie Mellor, Managing Director explained,
    “The assessment results from BSI provide reassurance that the company is robust and focused on continual improvement. The assurance marks demonstrate to our customers that we are committed to best practice and delivering value to them.”
    Just days after the successful completion of the BSI audit, the assessors from Nadcap’s Performance Review Institute arrived in Keighley to conduct a demanding four day audit for the Heat Treatment Nitriding process.
    Joe Pinto, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at the PRI said,
    “Congratulations to Keighley Laboratories Limited on successfully passing what may be aerospace industry’s most stringent process capability assessment audit. Nadcap audit criteria are widely acknowledged to be hard to meet and companies who succeed at doing so rightfully deserve recognition.”
    Mrs Mellor continued,
    “It was a challenging time moving from BSI transition to the Nadcap audit in such a short timescale. The quality and production teams showed great dedication, commitment and perseverance to enable successful outcomes for both assessments”.