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Kawasaki Robotics (UK) Ltd

Kawasaki Robotics (UK) Ltd


WA57ZB Cheshire
United Kingdom

Kawasaki Robotics, a member company of Kawasaki Heavy Industries Group, has been providing high performance industrial robots for manufacturing processes since 1968. With an office in the UK since 1996.
Reliable Performance and capability extends throughout the product range meeting customer demands for increased flexibility, intelligent control and high speed.
The dedicated and professional team at Kawasaki Robotics (UK) Ltd have a wealth of knowledge on robotic automation within all industry sectors. With a range of robots with payloads between 2Kg and 1500Kg, Kawasaki are able to supply a robot suitable for a wide range of applications.
Over 3000 Kawasaki robots are now operating within the UK, all supported from our offices in Warrington. KRUK are able to offer a full support package from service, spares and application support. System simulations and demonstrations to ensure the best solution for an application are also offered.
3 – 80Kg -Small to medium Payload – R-Series
100 – 300Kg – Large Payload – Z ,CX and BX Series
350 – 1500Kg - Extra Large Payloads – M Series. MG15HL 1500Kg.
100 – 300Kg – Spot Welding – BX Series - Hollow Arm and wrist. No external harnesses required.
Arc Welding – BA Series – Hollow arm and wrist. No external harnesses required
Painting Robots – Explosion proof, ATEX Certified
80 – 700Kg – Palletising robots – RD, ZD and CP. CP best in class
2 -3Kg – Delta Robots – High speed pick & place. Small payloads
4 – 5kg – Cleanroom robots. 5Kg Stainless Steel Hydrogen Peroxide resistant
With robots supplied into Toyota, JLR, Aston Martin, Heinz Foods, Ryobi, GSK and Pegler Yorkshire to name but a few, the products have an unenviable reputation for reliability and performance even in harsh enviroments.
For more details please contact our sales team
01925 713000 or info@kawasakirobotuk.com


Product news

  • Kawasaki adds 1,000 Kgs workhorse to robot line-up

    Kawasaki Robotics has added a 1,000kgs payload robot to its heavy payload M-Series range. Meeting an increasing demand for handling heavy loads, the new MG10HL's compact design maintains rigidity and accuracy throughout its extensive motion range.
    The Kawasaki MG10HL allows applications such as handling automotive floor pans, or complete bodies, between processes to be carried out safely, quickly and accurately using minimal floor space. For applications requiring payloads over the 1,000 Kgs limit there is also a 1,500 Kgs option available.
    The lightweight design uses high-rigidity ball screws in conjunction with Kawasaki's hybrid link mechanisms on joint 2, a parallel link, and joint 3, a serial link. The hybrid link mechanism also removes the need for heavy and bulky counterweights and allows a compact footprint of 1.2mtr x 1.3mtr.
    A wide motion range is another benefit of the hybrid link design enabling up to 4.005mtrs horizontal reach and 4.416mtrs vertical reach. Two 5 KW motors on each major axes (joints 1-3) deliver high torque and enable high payloads while maintaining the compatibility of motors throughout the M-Series range.
    All M-Series robots are designed to withstand high reactionary torques to the wrist and the MG10HL is no exception; the added benefit of its high-rigidity ball screws on joints 2 and 3 reduce arm deflection and support high positioning accuracy.