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Dopag (Uk) Ltd



DOPAG is one of the leading manufacturers of metering and mixing technology. In numerous industries, our systems and components are used for processing and application of multi-component polymers or 1-component media such as adhesives, greases and oils.

DOPAG is a member of the HILGER & KERN GROUP that has been a reliable supplier and development/service partner for industrial enterprises across various market segments for more than 90 years. The company employs about 300 people and is represented in more than 30 countries by its subsidiaries and distributors.


Product news

  • Innovative LSR-pump technology from DOPAG

    The world market of liquid silicone rubber (LSR) is continuously increasing. Actual studies forecast a growth about eight percent p.a. within the next years, especially for the automotive and medical sector. At once DOPAG extends its worldwide activities at this fast-growing industry. Currently the company continues its efforts to further strengthen their position on LSR-pumps in the USA by various activities.

    DOPAG supports House-Event at ENGEL USA
    Recently, DOPAG joined efforts with the companies ENGEL, MR Mould and Momentive. The company presented a LSR-Moulding application at the ENGEL in-house show in York, PA. More than 100 customers took part and got to know the wide range of LSR applications as well as the solutions for the processing of LSR provided by DOPAG.
    DOPAG exhibits at LSR 2017 Conference
    Further to this, DOPAG attended one of the main events in the US within the LSR-business – the LSR 2017 Conference in Anaheim, California. International industry leaders and experts discussed technological developments and explored new commercial uses for LSR in various markets. Several companies such as Arburg, ENGEL, KraussMaffei, Dow Corning, ShinEtsu, MR Mould and Momentive attended the event. More than 150 attendees had the possibilities to receive the latest news about the new electrical LSR-pump from DOPAG. The new SWIPSYNC technology of the DOPAG pump enables a synchronous changeover of the servo-electrically driven piston pumps and thus precise compliance with the mixing ratio. Based on robust technology, DOPAG LSR-pumps ensure a smooth and reliable production with even shorter setup times.

    More than 25 years of experience in LSR
    As a leading supplier of LSR-pumps with more than 25 years of experience, DOPAG installed more than 800 LSR-machines worldwide so far. This success is based on a long-term experience in the processing of LSR and on a close cooperation with customers and project partners.


  • DOPAG China captures the photovoltaic market

    DOPAG China captures a new business segment and presented efficient metering, mixing and dispensing technology for the photovoltaic market at the SNEC PV Power Expo 2017 trade fair in Shanghai. The visitors could experience the processing of single-component media with the dispensing system vectodis live at the DOPAG booth.

    China is one of the countries that have taken the lead in climate protection and the expansion of renewable energies. Since several years DOPAG metering and mixing systems proves their competence in the production of photovoltaic machines. By participating in the SNEC PV Power Expo, DOPAG China is further expanding these activities in the Asian market.

    The SNEC PV Power Expo is an international exhibition and conference and one of the biggest events for the photovoltaic industry in Asia. A numerous national and international companies showed their latest trends and solutions for the photovoltaic sector. The exhibition counted more than 1.500 exhibitors and about 220.000 visitors in three days.


  • DOPAG becomes involved in the Smart Production network

    Together with more than 40 other companies and partners, DOPAG will step up its commitment on the subject "Industry 4.0" in the Rhine-Neckar metropole region. To enhance the support, the companies joined together in the Smart Production network. This serves as a technology platform for growth and innovation in the field of "Industry 4.0".

    For DOPAG – one of the three brands of the HILGER & KERN GROUP – the subject "Industry 4.0" is playing a crucial role. Also, metering processes in the industrial production will become more and more automated. This applies in particular to industries such as the automobile or the aerospace industry. Due to the continuously rising demand for innovative metering and mixing technology, these industries rate among the key markets for DOPAG.

    Furthermore, the subject of qualified employees shall be of special importance within the network in the future. A key partner of the network will be the "Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg Mannheim (DHBW)". For many years now, DOPAG has cooperated with this institution in the field of education. The network will now bring both partners even closer together.

    Targets of the network
    To establish the Rhine-Neckar metropole region as a "Hot Spot" for the implementation of "Industry 4.0" – this is the target of the network. The network supports the local (production) companies in the networking with each other and academic institutions, thus boosting their innovation capabilities. Companies and universities will implement application-oriented as well as lighthouse projects. Another objective of the network is to attract qualified employees and researchers and retain them in the region, to secure existing work places and create new ones. Furthermore, the network sees itself as a promoter for company start-ups as well as research facilities/teams at the location.

    For further information, please visit the homepage of the Smart Production network: www.smartproduction.de.


  • DOPAG is growing in Eastern Europe

    DOPAG is continuing its international growth strategy and is expanding its market activities. This month new sales partners have been won in Eastern Europe. Thanks to the new partnerships DOPAG will be able to provide customers from the Baltic Sea to the Caspian Sea with even more intensive and faster service. The new distributors are responsible for sales and service in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.

    Together with the new distributors DOPAG will open up further sales markets. “We will attain a greater market penetration and ensure future growth in Eastern Europe," says Steffen Knaus, CEO of HILGER & KERN GROUP.

    With the new partners DOPAG relies on experienced companies that have comprehensive knowledge in the field of metering and mixing technology. The employees are practiced within all important industries in Eastern Europe. With this knowledge DOPAG will further strengthen its presence in important key sectors such as the automotive industry, aerospace and electronics.

    All global DOPAG subsidiaries and sales partner are available at www.dopag.com/contacts.


  • HILGER & KERN GROUP from Mannheim celebrates its 90th anniversary and sets its course for the future

    Keeping up the traditions while actively designing the future – The HILGER & KERN GROUP has now been a renowned supplier, it is a development and service partner for industrial enterprises across various market segments for 90 years and employs more than 300 people around the globe. With its two business segments "Metering and Mixing Technology" as well as "Industrial Technology", the company has been a reliable partner for middle-sized companies as well as leading global players for many decades.
    During the past few years, the company has significantly evolved and set its course for the future. As part of this evolution, the activities of the Mannheim-based company, which was founded in 1927, were pooled under the HILGER & KERN GROUP. This includes the brands DOPAG and METER MIX in the field of metering and mixing technology as well as Hilger u. Kern Industrial Technology. Today all three brands present themselves with a completely redesigned brand presence, new homepages, revamped brochures and trade fair presentations.

    "Our goal is to further strengthen these three brands and place ourselves in an optimal position for the years to come", says CEO Steffen Knaus. "This is true in particular on an international scale since we definitely want to push global expansion of our brands. A clear brand image will naturally help us achieve this." Through new subsidiaries and distributors, the company is currently expanding its sales activities. At present, the company is represented in more than 30 countries.


  • DOPAG reveals new dosing technology for gasketing applications

    DynamicLine is a new dosing system introduced this year by DOPAG as a solution to all formed-in-place foam gasket (FIPFG) applications. The automated dosing and mixing unit is not limited to gasketing applications only however, it can be used equally well in any bonding and potting process based on dynamic mixing. Fakuma 2018 in Friedrichshafen marks the first time DOPAG presents this novel product line in Germany. The basis of dynamicLine is a newly developed mixing head. It will be displayed at the manufacturer’s exhibition stand, ready for customers to discover the variety of its possible applications, which will be demonstrated on sample components.
    The response from our customers has been steadily positive and the demand very high. „One could not wish for a better start for a product innovation, really“, says Daniel Geier, Chief Technology Officer at DOPAG. „The high customer interest we have seen so far shows us we have assessed the market demand in the field of dynamic mixing technology correctly.“ High volume of enquiries from international market leaders from various sectors, such as the electronics and lighting industries, the automotive industry, control cabinet construction and packaging material manufacturing further confirm Mr Geier’s Statement.


  • DOPAG increases its LSR activity on the US market

    The market for injection molding processed liquid silicone rubber (LSR) products is experiencing a long-term steady growth in the US. In line with this trend, DOPAG has been expanding its LSR activities in the region. The company’s portfolio of metering and mixing technology offers many intelligent and reliable solutions for the processing of LSR in injection molding applications.
    This month DOPAG will be participating in one of America’s main LSR events, the LSR 2018 Conference in Anaheim, California. Around 150 industry leaders and experts from around the world take this opportunity to discuss most recent technology developments here and explore new commercial uses of LSR in various markets. DOPAG’s contribution this year will be a newly upgraded LSR pump silcomix, which all the Conference attendees will have a chance to explore closely. The silcomix now prides itself with a newly developed, compact mixing unit, which allows users a very simple, intuitive and fast handling. An integrated 'Snuff-Back' function provides perfect control of the outflow rate as it closes off the valve at the mixer outlet against the direction of the flow, thus not generating any additional pressure build-up in the injection moulding system. The modular structure gives the unit a truly versatile use, since it can be very accurately adjusted according to the parameters of various applications.
    As a leading supplier of LSR pumps with over 25 years of experience, DOPAG has already installed more than 800 LSR-machines all over the world. This success is based not only on a long-term experience with LSR processing but also on an approach that values close cooperation with customers and project partners highly.