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Dustcontrol UK Ltd

Dustcontrol UK Ltd


MK5 8HL Milton Keynes
United Kingdom

Dustcontrol UK supplies mobile dust extractors and stationary high vacuum extraction systems to help companies from all over the world achieve cleaner and more efficient production, as well as improved product quality.

Our product range consists of mobile dust extractors for industrial and construction use, liquid extractors, pre-separators, air cleaners, central vacuum systems, accessories and discharge arrangements. Dustcontrol supplies a complete range of dust collector products and accessories for large and small companies across many industries - from aviation and automotive, to metal work, to printing, to food, to pharmaceuticals. Our offering is extensive and far reaching.

We have over 40 years experience of developing products to fit client requirements. Special orders are often a necessity for stationary casings in printing machines, food processing machines, and other automated production lines. We're experts in capturing dust at source - both where it is created and when it is created.


Product news

  • DC Green System

    Dustcontrol’s new concept, the DC Green System together with Turbo-pumps, can off er you an energy saving with existing or new Dustcontrol systems of 40-90 per cent.

  • Dustcontrol DC Green System at Maintec 2011

    Dustcontrol are delighted to be exhibiting at this year’s Maintec exhibition at the NEC in March. A Swedish company which develops and markets stationary and mobile vacuum extraction systems, air cleaners and suction casings for cleaning and source extraction, Dustcontrol provides a cleaner and more efficient production environment. Research and development into new and existing products is a high priority to us. Dustcontrol has its own development, production, warehouse and sales along with subsidiaries or agents in 21 countries globally.

  • DC AirCube 500 - More Airflow and Pressure

    Our new air cleaner, the DC AirCube 500, is a clear solution for
    airborne dust problems. This is an extremely simple way of decreasing dust concentrations in a working environment.


  • Of course - capture dust at source

    Source extraction is the capture of pollutants as close to the point of generation as possible, for example, a suction casing on a grinder. Removing unwanted material at source before it affects your production efficiency or causes health problems is exactly the right thing to do. With a Dustcontrol solution, you can extract dust, chips, oil spills and other unhealthy substances at the source and transport them to where you want.

  • CNP Professional choose Dustcontrol

    Integrated Food Projects Limited (IFP), that CNP Professional engaged as project managers with the aim of creating a food grade standard production facility, saw Dustcontrol’s exhibition stand at the PPMA event at the NEC Birmingham in 2009. The equipment was well engineered, efficient and competitively priced. Dustcontrol stood out in terms of equipment and service.

  • Absolut Company

    Dustcontrol proudly present a statement on its products from Absolut Company. Absolut Company is one of the world's best selling international premium spirit brands and has used stationary vacuum systems from Dustcontrol since the late 80s.

  • AirCube 2000

    The DC AirCube 2000 is a compact and robust design with a capacity of 1800m3/h which makes it an extremely powerful single phase aircleaner.

  • Clean is Efficient

    Investing in equipment to ensure a clean and safe working environment helps keeping your employees healthy and motivated.

  • Dust extraction specialist announces attendance at Advanced Engineering 2019

    Dustcontrol UK will be exhibiting a range of its high-performance extraction equipment at Advanced Engineering 2019 - the UK's largest annual exhibition for manufacturers and supply chain professionals.

    Taking place on Wednesday, 30th and Thursday, 31st October at the NEC, Birmingham, the Dustcontrol team will be showcasing the firm’s extensive range of both fixed and mobile cyclone-based dust extractors and air cleaners on stand M116.

    The DC 11-Module for example, which comes in several models, is an optimised stand-alone unit for source extraction and industrial cleaning. It has been designed to service up to six normal extraction points or several cleaning outlets at a time, and is modularly built, meaning it can be tailor-made to suit any manufacturing and production environment.

    As with all of Dustcontrol UK’s equipment, the DC 11-Module can be fitted with Hepa 13 filters, meaning exhaust air can be safely returned to the work environment.

    James Miller, Managing Director of Dustcontrol UK, said: "We’re excited to be showcasing a range of our most efficient extraction equipment at Advanced Engineering 2019.

    “As well as showcasing centralised systems, we’ll be exhibiting a range of H Class mobile air cleaners and cyclone-based vacuum units, with a selection of ATEX-approved models and accessories to complete the extensive range.

    “In addition, all of our mobile machines are designed to be as ergonomic as possible, so they are easy to handle, move around and transport, as well as being simple to maintain.”

    James concluded: “Advanced Engineering 2019 will provide us with a great platform to show trade users first-hand how our elite dust extracting equipment can help them stay healthy while on the job.”

    For further information on Dustcontrol UK's products, please call 01327 858001, or email sales@dustcontrol.co.uk.