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C.m.s. Spa

C.m.s. Spa


24019 ZOGNO (BG)

CMS was founded in 1969. From the very outset, company’s specific vocation was reflected in the company’s strategic decision-making procedures, namely to construct high-technology machines for processing materials, with a marked focus on our customers’ processing needs. Indeed, CMS has never been a mere supplier, but rather a technological partner that studies the customer’s processes in order to provide a machine ‘perfectly’ tailored to even the most advanced production needs. Over the years, and in keeping with its vocation, CMS has diversified its business activities, and has entered sectors dedicated to processing a variety of materials such as composites, glass, stone, metal and plastic. This evolution came about thanks to major technological innovations; and also following takeovers of premium companies in the various sectors of interest. This constant growth has been strengthened by membership of the Scm Group. While leaving intact the ‘DNA’ that makes CMS its technological partner of excellence, the Group coordinates, supports and develops a system of industrial excellences − with a broad international outreach and penetration, and with a marked capacity for investment research and development.

The Group has a UK office in Nottingham and employs a team of Engineers focused entirely on the installation, application support and maintenance of installed systems.