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Accelonix Ltd

Accelonix Ltd


CB216GP Cambridge
United Kingdom

Accelonix is a group of companies operating across Western Europe serving the electronics industry with specialist sales and support.

Experts in the field of Microelectronics and Electronics manufacturing, we offer a broad range of complementary products ranging from bare die handling through to plasma treatment, dispensing, wire bonding, package sealing and more. We have access to leading suppliers from around the world, allowing us to bring you examples of the best assembly equipment on today’s global market.

Our focus for this year’s Advanced Engineering show will be Scheugenpflug dispensing technology and Hesse Ultrasonic Wire Bonding platforms for use in Power Electronics and HV battery manufacturing processes.

Scheugenpflug AG provides industrial solutions for material dispensing, potting and coating. Modular systems can be configured to provide metering, mixing and dispensing for 1 and 2 component media. Systems are available from benchtop to automated 3-axis dispensing robots, for atmospheric and vacuum dispensing. The systems provide for a clean installation and operating environment, a reliable and easy to maintain process producing a high-quality output. In addition to systems for the conditioning and dispensing of silicones, polyurethanes and epoxy resins, variants exist for gasket dispensing and for encapsulation and thermal management of high-power applications.

Hesse’s latest generation of fully automatic wire bonders offer advanced ultrasonic bonding technologies for fine wire and heavy wire bonding applications. High speed, large area ultrasonic bonding solutions for wedge bonding, ball bonding and ribbon bonding processes. Innovative technical advancements, such as Process Integrated Quality Control or wear-free piezo bondheads, position Hesse at the leading edge of ultrasonic wire bonding technology. Advanced, user friendly software provides a range of powerful features whilst retaining a helpful and intuitive interface. Exchangeable bondheads provide flexibility to accommodate a broad range of wire bonding applications on a single platform.

Whatever the complexity, size and quantity of your products, we can offer the best solution.