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Perfect Bore Manufacturing Limited

Perfect Bore Manufacturing Limited


SP103TZ Andover
United Kingdom

With a manufacturing footprint of 32,000 square feet, Andover based Perfect Bore Manufacturing Ltd specialises in the gundrilling, deep-hole boring, honing, complete preparatory turning operations, CNC cylindrical grinding and superfinishing of billets up to 900mm diameter and 3 metres in length. The company continues to increase its machining capabilities to facilitate the specialised drilling techniques required when working with high-temperature corrosion resistant alloys such as Inconel, Monel, Hastelloy and stainless steels.

Working with major OEM's and sub-tier companies operating in market sectors including the aerospace, oil & gas, nuclear, scientific instruments/medical, automotive and power generation industries, Perfect Bore continually undertakes pure research into new techniques around its core deep-hole processing services. These industries require the production of bores in components to extreme tolerances and in some cases to sub-micro geometrical tolerances combined with specific surface finish requirements. It also offers Research & Development and dedicated manufacturing facilities to produce high quality parts to exacting tolerances.

Perfect Bore operates a fully accredited management system that is compliant to AS9100 Rev 2016 and ISO9001:2015. It is a bronze awarded signatory to SC21 and is also a signatory to Fit For Nuclear (F4N) and the NDA's Supply Chain Charter for Nuclear Decommissioning Sites.


Product news

  • Bore Producing Specialists

    Perfect Bore Manufacturing Ltd a leading UK manufacturer in the deep hole drilling sub-contract market. Specialising in gundrilling, deep hole boring, CHC turning, honing, CNC grinding and super-finishing.

    Perfect Bore has successfully transitioned over to AS9100:2016 and gained ISO 14001:2015 & BS18001:2007 approvals last year. The company was accepted as a partner within the Fit for Nuclear programme during December 2015.

    The aerospace market represents an important market for Perfect Bore, where the company provides bore solutions for major OEMs, supporting projects including B787 Dreamliner, A400M and A320. Indeed, in the field of major aerospace component manufacturers, Perfect Bore’s name is renowned for quality and on-time delivery, while continual investment gives its customers the confidence to off-load components that have critical geometric ID and OD requirements. “We offer a honest and reliable service where both quality and on-time delivery to the client is paramount. We also provide service at a price that we feel adds real value to the overall supply chain.”

    Perfect Bore continuously invests heavily in the development of its machining capabilities and continually undertakes pure research on new techniques around its core deep-hole processing services. Along with the intention of stretching achievable boundaries, it allows the company to offer true value for money to its customers, with reduced cutting times enabling parts to be manufactured to an acceptable budget.

    By providing a comprehensive in-house service, Perfect Bore is able to afford its clients the highest levels of quality and a trusted lifetime support service. Although the company has been highly successful within the aviation sector in recent years, it will increasingly look to expand its operations within the energy and nuclear sectors over the coming months.