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Alchemie Ltd

Alchemie Ltd


CV35 0HU Warwick
United Kingdom

Alchemie Ltd is a privately owned U.K company with over 30 years of manufacturing experience in the Polymer Resin industry. Our core business is the formulation and manufacture of Epoxy and Polyurethane Resin products. We also manufacture and supply RTV Silicone Rubber and Modelboard, plus a wide range of Ancillary products.

We export to over 20 different countries, and our products are used across a diverse selection of industry sectors which includes; Composites, Formula 1, Rail, Oil & Gas, Pattern-making, Foundry and Modelmaking. Having our own in-house Research and Development facility enables us to offer our customers bespoke resin solutions to meet their own specific product requirements.

To optimise our manufacturing capacity we also operate a TOLL manufacturing service for company’s looking to outsource their product manufacture. This service is mainly targeted at Epoxy putty and paste materials, however we have also provided low viscosity products. Please contact us directly for more information.


Product news

  • Alchemie partner with a European consortium which will create the biggest and most accurate additive and subtractive machine

    The KRAKEN project, co-funded under the H2020 programme, is going to integrate various key technologies, such as 3D printing, robotics, 7DoF real time control, complex monitoring and advanced control algorithms, supported by an innovative CAM software, in one machine.

    This will make Kraken the largest 3D printer and subtractive system in the world, both for metal and non-metallic materials, able to print high performance industrial products up to 20-meter long, with improved accuracy and better final quality. The project is coordinated by Jose Antonio Dieste, Head of Mechatronics and Advanced Processes at AITIIP Technology Centre (Spain). It is in AITIIP’s premises where the first meeting of the project is taking place.

    The KRAKEN consortium, coordinated by AITIIP, is integrated by 15 partners from 8 different countries. The project will last 36 months and has a budget of 5.9M€, 30% of which is allocated to SMEs.

    The KRAKEN concept was born after the end (November 2015) of the successful MEGAROB FP7 Project, coordinated by AITIIP, in which parts were machined and finished in an area up to 20x6x3 meters, allowing to separate part size and accuracy concepts, paving the way for the production of large parts in a single machine.

    It is expected that the KRAKEN solution stimulates the creation of jobs in Europe through its implementation and replication in the short/medium term (150 new jobs inside the consortium and 600 more in the EU are foreseen during the 6 years after the project.).