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Applied Thermal Control and Thermal Exchange

Applied Thermal Control and Thermal Exchange


LE674NB Leicestershire
United Kingdom

Applied Thermal Control and Thermal Exchange offer a choice of compact and robust recirculating chillers from 480W through to 14 kW cooling capacity. Our machines provide temperature control to 0.10°C precision. This level of control is required in a range of important applications including analytical instrumentation such as electron microscopes, mass spectrometers and X-ray diffraction, through to industrial process control.

ATC supplies re-circulating chillers to end-users as well as prestigious OEM companies throughout the world. ATC chillers are renowned for their reliability.

ATC’s flexible design allows us to work in partnership with our customers to satisfy their specific requirements.

In addition to its well-known range of recirculating chillers, ATC also offers water-to-water heat exchangers and air blast coolers. Whatever your thermal management needs, ATC will offer the perfect solution.

ATC is a global supplier with extensive sales and service throughout Europe, North America, Asia, India and Australia.

ATC offers a unique heat transfer fluid, Hexid, which has been formulated to meet the demands of all recirculating chiller, water bath and cooler manufacturers. Hexid fluid extends the life of the recirculating chiller, prevents frost and protects against growth of damaging bacteria and algae.

ATC is proud of its manufacturing capability and its ISO9001 status. ATC products comply with EC UL and CSA regulations. ATC is conscious of its environment responsibility and its products do not contain any harmful CFC refrigerants.

What we are known for:-

· Reliability - stainless steel pump heads as standard and reliable component design.

· Economical - low power consumption providing a reduced total cost of ownership.

· Accuracy - temperature control to 0.1°C precision.

· Choice of Types - recirculating chillers, water-to-water heat exchangers and air blast coolers.

· Global Support - extensive sales and service throughout Europe, North America, Asia, India and Australia.

· Hexid fluid - extends the life of recirculating chillers, prevents frost and protects against growth of damaging bacteria and algae.

· Application Knowledge - ATC chillers are well established in the scientific instrument support markets (electron microscopes, X-ray diffraction, ICPMS etc.), semiconductor process, ophthalmic lens manufacturing equipment, induction heating, and more recently the chillers of choice for commercial digital printing and laser lithography markets worldwide.

· Discreet design – ATC chillers are specifically designed to be used in the lab. As such they are as compact as possible and quiet operating at much lower noise levels than many competitors.

· Variable power supply – change voltage or frequency supply from one region to another at the flick of a switch - ideal for export markets.


Product news

  • K12 (14kW) NEW

    A Chiller offering 14.0kW of cooling in a versatile package. A full range of options and voltage variants are available.

    Exceptionally high 14.0kW Cooling Capacity (@17°C set point)
    Compact design offering maximum cooling capacity in the smallest space
    Versatile - many standard and non standard options
    Totally Reliable Workhorse


  • Applied Thermal Control and Thermal Exchange – Total Chiller Solutions

    The two midlands-based companies provide synergy within the group and complement the SDI growth strategy. There is a parallel between ATC and TE’s product ranges and customer base.

    Applied Thermal Control customers will benefit from a larger range of more powerful chillers to choose from, varying in size and capacity. As a combined organisation we can now offer a more responsive turn around for service and maintenance requests. By using experienced, skilled in-house technicians who are familiar with ATC chillers we can respond more effectively. Customers can choose from a range of service contract agreements to suit all requirements; our customers can plan servicing at a planned cost.

    Both organisations are SME’s with a focus on customer service and developing connections with OEM’s and end users, resulting in successful long-term business relationships. Teams from both ATC and TE provide responsive and excellent customer care, we understand our customers projects can have changing priorities and we will continue to be quick to respond to requests and lead times. We are small enough to provide a professional, cost effective solution with personal advice and customisation where necessary, we will maintain that ethos.

    The use of ATC’s global service partners and agreements will benefit Thermal Exchange customers, offering new international sales and service contacts.

    We are looking forward to a bright future together (and as part of the SDI Group) providing an enhanced product range and service offering to our customers. Personnel have vast experience in specifying, commissioning and servicing chillers of all sizes. The range we are now able to offer has been expanded along with providing greater technical expertise. We are delighted to exhibit at Advanced Engineering 2019 at the NEC. This will be our first joint exhibition, bringing a combined service and larger product offering to our customers.

    Visit us on stand K62.