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TS104RF Redcar
United Kingdom

Applied Graphene Materials manufacture production ready graphene based Genable® dispersions, with product integration expertise to deliver multi-functional performance enhancements across a wide range of applications within the Coatings and Composites industries. At AES, AGM will be demonstrating step-change developments in anti-corrosion coatings and their novel digital graphene printing technology Structural Ink®

Product news

  • AGM product development with Airbus Defence and Space

    During 2016 AGM successfully completed the exploratory phase of its development program with Airbus Defence and Space. The program work is covered under a secrecy agreement but is targeted at using the unique properties of graphene in satellites. Based on the success of the initial work both parties are now collaborating on a final product development phase, with a desired target to qualify the material for flight use and first application by the end of 2017 or early 2018


  • New coatings products launch

    AGM is pleased to announce that Alltimes Coatings Ltd (Stroud, UK) a leading specialist in the supply and application of protective coatings for buildings, is launching its ground-breaking Advantage Graphene liquid coating roofing system, with significantly enhanced anti-corrosion performance delivered by the incorporation of AGM's graphene.
    The Advantage Graphene system is the result of extensive product development and a rigorous testing programme, and has ultimately produced a system that delivers an industry leading level of anti-corrosion performance, and life expectancy, for industrial and commercial roofs. AGM's graphene technology has also helped enhance other key coating performance attributes and ultimately provides building contractors and owners with a highly cost-effective solution. Due to its exceptional corrosion resistance performance, Advantage Graphene is being offered with an unparalleled 30-year product warranty.
    Advantage Graphene has already been promoted to targeted trade customers, with several industrial applications scheduled over coming months.


  • AGM advances applications for water-based anti-corrosion coatings

    AGM is pleased to announce it has achieved significant technological progress (patent pending) on the deployment of graphene into water-based coatings to enhance their barrier properties.
    Over recent years AGM has proven the outstanding barrier and anti-corrosion performance gains possible by incorporating graphene into solvent-based coating systems using its Genable® dispersion technology. This has been demonstrated with several commercial products reaching industrial end-user markets.
    This water-based breakthrough is again based on AGM's platform Genable® technology, a range of master dispersions that are designed to facilitate the easy incorporation of graphene into coating formulations and existing processes. Genable® dispersions are fully scalable industrial products and, based on initial findings, the addition levels required to significantly enhance anti-corrosion performance in water-based systems are low enough to ensure commercial viability, even in light industrial applications.
    Adrian Potts, CEO of Applied Graphene Materials, said:
    A key driver for coatings developers to upgrade their product formulations is increasing regulatory pressure to improve the environmental impact and safety of their products. This is why AGM is working to replicate the success we have already achieved with the incorporation of our Genable® products into solvent-based products with its incorporation into water-based products. We are delighted to be able to present significant technological progress to our customers, reaffirming AGM as the leader in the development of cutting-edge graphene applications tailored to add significant value for paints and coatings manufacturers.
    While the findings being shared publicly are in a commercial acrylic DTM (Direct-to-Metal) coating, AGM believes that water-based Genable® technology could, with considered formulating, equally well be adopted into epoxy chemistries and likewise into more complex formulated primer systems.